5SHY35L4503 3BHB004693R0001 3BHB004692R0002 5SXE01-0127 thyristor module controller


The testing of the 5SHY35L4503 3BHB004693R0001 3BHB004692R0002 5SXE01-0127 BCT follows a sequence and principle similar to that of a fully validated phase controlled thyristor (PCT).

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5SHY35L4503 3BHB004693R0001 3BHB004692R0002 5SXE01-0127 thyristor module controller


Bi-Directional Control Thyristor (BCT) Testing Procedures


  • Testing of BCT follows a similar sequence and philosophy as the well-proven Phase Control Thyristor (PCT).
  • Extensive qualification and adherence to standards ensure high quality and reliability.
  • Routine production testing and qualification test procedures are detailed.

General Production Testing

Group A Testing: 100% Routine Production Testing

  • Basic electrical parameter testing at wafer level and after packaging.
  • BCT has two thyristor-halves (A and B), requiring measurements for various parameters for both halves.
  • Parameters include forward repetitive voltage, surge voltage, critical dv/dt, recovery charge, gate trigger voltage, and others.
  • Parameters measured at different temperatures (e.g., 25°C, 125°C).
  • Parameters QA, QB, VRMA, VRMB, VSMA, VSMB, dv/dt critA, dv/dt critB, VTA, VTB, IGTA, VGTA, IGTB, VGTB, tqA, tqB, ITSMA, ITSMB are tested and reported.
  • Other parameters may be agreed upon based on customer requirements.
  • Test reports include computer print-outs of the final test.

Group B Testing: Lot Control Tests (Scheduled Product Audits)

  • Integrated for final screening to assure and monitor long-term voltage stability.
  • Eight devices per selected lot undergo a 24-hour voltage stability test at VDC A,B = 2/3 VRM (DC forward voltage at thyristor-half A, maximum forward repetitive voltage).
  • Typical pass criterion is that the drift of the leakage current be ≤ 0.2 mA.

Related Documents and Standards:

  • Refers to sections 4.6 and 4.7 of the 1996 edition of the PCT data book of ABB Semiconductors for information on related documents, standards, product traceability, and failure analysis.
  • These sections are also applicable to BCT.


  • The details provided here offer insight into the specific parameters tested during routine production for BCTs, ensuring their reliability and quality.

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