5SHX1445H0001 3BHL000391P0101 3BHB003230R0101 5SXE05-0152 high-power device


5SHX1445H0001 3BHL000391P0101 3BHB003230R0101 5SXE05-0152

Manufacturer: ABB
Serial ports: 4
Network ports: 7
Port isolation: 520 VDC
Weight : 3.17 Kg
Shipping Weight : 4 Kg

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5SHX1445H0001 3BHL000391P0101 3BHB003230R0101 5SXE05-0152 high-power device


Quality Control and Testing:

  • IGCT devices undergo standard routine tests in the production line, including full blocking voltage (4500V) and switch-on/switch-off capability according to device specifications.
  • Tested values are recorded and protocolized, minimizing differences in leakage current and optimizing voltage sharing within a production lot.
  • Devices used in the assembly exhibit a low leakage current of only 0.2 mA and a voltage sharing difference of only 20 V in the stack assembly.


Functional Application-Oriented Test:

  • After assembly, a functional application-oriented test is conducted.
  • Due to series-connected devices, trigger delay and jitter between devices are crucial.
  • Gate-signal-delay at turn-on and turn-off is tested with an acceptable tolerance of 100 ns, and all devices meet this criterion.

Long-Term Reliability:

  • Type tests under full applications, with similar designs already in use for 8 years, have been successful.
  • Cumulated hours of operation for IGCT devices in comparable modulator applications reach 80-6 hours without any failure.
  • FIT rates (Failure In Time) for all components in the assembly were carefully checked, showing a low FIT rate of 1 for the semiconductor device under given conditions.
  • The calculated first failures for the complete switch with all components, at sea-level and +40°C, are not expected before 11 years of continuous use.

ABB’s Experience with IGCT Technology:

  • ABB has over 12 years of experience producing IGCT devices in volume, with a field experience of more than 125,000 devices mainly used for motor drives, frequency converters, and wind energy applications.
  • For long pulse modulator switches, IGCT technology has proven to be highly reliable due to the rugged press pack construction, a single wafer, and a large contact area.
  • The integrated driver unit, assembled around the semiconductor device and tested together, positions IGCT as highly reliable in this application field.
  • Over the last 8 years, reliability figures from several pulse modulators used in particle beam accelerators show no problems with the devices or switches.
  • Ongoing development of IGCT technology aims for higher voltages and higher currents.

This comprehensive overview highlights the rigorous testing, quality control measures, and long-term reliability of the IGCT switch assembly, emphasizing ABB’s extensive experience and commitment to advancing the technology.