216DB61 HESG324063R100/J binary input/output unit


216DB61 enable/disable.

216EB61 filter times.

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216DB61 HESG324063R100/J binary input/output unit


Tripping output unit 216DB61

• 8 outputs for two-pole control of auxiliary tripping relays
• Monitored output amplifiers
• 16 digital inputs for the signals from the input auxiliary relay assembly (two each can be used to externally enable and block tripping respectively)
• Activated outputs and inputs indicated by LED’s
• Front space requirements: one rack division


It seems like you’ve provided a detailed description of a protection system or relay unit, possibly used in the field of electrical engineering or industrial automation. Let me break down the information:

  1. System Overview:
    • The primary system quantities are measured and digitized.
    • The processing unit, 216VC62a, continuously compares these digitized variables with the pick-up settings of protection functions.
  2. Protection Function Activation:
    • If a protection function picks up, a signal or tripping command is transmitted via the B448C bus.
    • The signal is sent to either the 216AB61 output unit (for signaling) or the 216DB61 I/O unit (for tripping).
  3. Software Control:
    • The software in the 216VC62a processor unit determines the allocation of signals and tripping commands to various channels of output and input units.
  4. Output Control:
    • Output signals from the 216AB61 unit (signaling channels) and 216DB61 unit (trip channels) control auxiliary relays K1…K16 in the 216GA61 O/P relay unit or 216GA62 tripping relay unit.
  5. Auxiliary Relays:
    • Contacts of these auxiliary relays are potentially-free and are connected to external signaling and tripping circuits.
  6. Input Signals:
    • External input signals connected to the protection energize the auxiliary relays K1…K16 in the 216GE61 I/P relay unit.
    • The contacts of these relays transmit external signals to the 216DB61 unit and then to the B448C bus.
  7. Signal Configuration:
    • Software configuration allows assignment of external signals to protection functions, enabling logical combinations like interlocking, blocking, or exciting tripping channels.
  8. Tripping Circuits:
    • Tripping circuits 1…8 can be energized by I/P channels 1…10 (K1…K10) of 216GE61 through a diode matrix in 216GA62.
  9. Supervision Channels:
    • Channels 9…16 (K9…K16) of 216GE61 can be used to supervise external tripping circuits instead of connecting external inputs. This is an optional configuration.
  10. Engineering and Configuration:
    • Specific wiring and configurations need to be specified during the engineering phase of the protection system.

Overall, it seems to describe a sophisticated protection and control system for managing electrical circuits, with a high level of configurability and adaptability to different scenarios.

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