ProSoft technology provides communication through an additional gateway.

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At ProSoft Technology® our primary focus is to provide connectivity solutions that link dissimilar automation products. In everything we do, the products we develop and the services we offer, we consider quality a priority. Unlike other companies, we don’t just sell products. We sell tested, field-proven solutions. Our goal is to support our customers from pre-sales through the entire life-cycle of the application. We provide total solutions with quality products developed with customers in mind, a well-respected brand and industry-leading technical support. For years, ProSoft Technology products have been used worldwide in nearly every industry.

Our product lines have grown to over 400 communication modules supporting more than 60 different industrial communication protocols. ProSoft Technology has regional offices around the globe along with worldwide distribution to meet all your industrial application needs.



• High speed 802.11n RF data rates up to 300 Mbps(MIMO and Channel Bonding)

• Access Point, Wireless Bridge, Wireless Repeater and Client modes with Serial Data Server

• Fast Roaming (lessthan 50 ms) maintains connectionsfor moving machines/platforms

• Secure WPA2/128-bit encryption in 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz bands

• Quick configuration and advanced diagnostics with included IH Browser utility, embedded web server and OPC Diagnostic Server

• Designed for extreme temperatures(-40 to +75 C), high vibration/shock and hazardous locations(UL C1D2, ATEX Zone 2)

• Secure Digital configuration storage for quick field replacement.


EtherNet/IP Features

• Multiple I/O Connections

• 4,000 word database

• Bi-directional data transfer

• Remote Configuration and Diagnostics

• SD Card slot (SD card optional) for disaster recovery

• Up to four Serial ports


Modbus TCP Features

• Supports 10 Clients and 10 Server connections

• 4,000 word database

• 160 fully configurable commands

• Commands can be set to execute through programming

• Multiple clients and servers allow for HMIs, SCADA systems, PLCs and other clients to send and receive data


ABB has a complete set of high-voltage induction and synchronous motors and generators suitable for all applications in power plants, including the largest fans and feedwater pumps. ABB has accumulated a large amount of application technology in its long-term cooperation with customers and integrated it into its own product design.

ABB motors meet the highest standards of efficiency and reliability, with a well-developed structure that can consistently maintain high performance levels. They are designed specifically for use in power plant environments, such as load shedding or short circuits.
ABB motors take special protective measures to ensure starting performance, so that they can maintain operation in the event of voltage drop and restart after tripping, which is very important.

ABB is committed to always standing at the forefront of product technology development, design, and manufacturing methods. This technology is not only applicable to new products, but can also upgrade existing equipment.

ABB is a global enterprise with a wide network of sales, service, and manufacturing facilities, capable of establishing fast and effective communication with all customers and enhancing close long-term cooperation.

The design and operation time of the power plant is up to 50 years, and ABB will provide support throughout the entire process, providing assistance to the power plant builder from the design phase until maintenance and performance improvement during subsequent operation periods.