MPRC086444-005 ABB Programmable Logic Controller for Distributed Control System

Numer modelu: MPRC 086444-005

Manufacturer: ABB
Serial ports: 2
Network ports: 10
Port isolation: 120 VDC
Weight : 2Kg
Shipping Weight : 3 Kg

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MPRC086444-005 ABB Programmable Logic Controller for Distributed Control System

The introduction of ABB’s Coriolis Mass Flow Meter and Electromagnetic Flow Meter ProcessMaster with integrated communication functions represents a significant advancement in the field of flow measurement in the process industry. Here are some key points highlighting the features and benefits of these new flow meters:

  1. Integrated Communication Functions:
    • The CoriolisMaster and ProcessMaster flow meters come with new communication functions.
    • These features enable the meters to be both transmitted and powered through the same Ethernet cable, eliminating the need for separate wiring.
  2. Ethernet Cable Integration:
    • The use of a single Ethernet cable for both transmission and power contributes to a more streamlined installation process.
    • This integration reduces installation time, minimizes complexity, and lowers overall installation costs.
  3. Improved Data Transmission:
    • The integrated communication functions enhance data transmission speed and reliability.
    • Real-time data exchange is facilitated, contributing to improved operational efficiency.
  4. Operational Technology (OT) Protocol – ProfiNet:
    • ProfiNet protocol operates at the application layer and is utilized in these flow meters.
    • Seamless and real-time data exchange, alerting, and diagnostic monitoring are enabled through the use of ProfiNet.
  5. Single Cable Solution:
    • ABB’s CoriolisMaster and ProcessMaster flowmeters offer a single cable solution, addressing the challenge of reducing complexity and cost in the installation and operation of on-site instruments.
    • This simplification is particularly valuable in industries where managing multiple cables can be challenging.
  6. ProfiNet Support for Efficient Communication:
    • The use of ProfiNet protocol supports multiple configurations, ensuring reliable and efficient communication between flow meters.
    • Communication between local and wide area networks (LAN and WAN) is also supported, enhancing connectivity across different areas of the industrial environment.
  7. Reduced Complexity and Cost:
    • One of the major challenges in the process industry is addressed by reducing the complexity and cost associated with instrument installation and operation.
    • The integration of communication functions and the use of ProfiNet protocol contribute to a more straightforward and cost-effective solution.

In summary, ABB’s CoriolisMaster and ProcessMaster flow meters with integrated communication functions, utilizing the ProfiNet protocol and Ethernet power supply, offer a streamlined and efficient solution for the process industry. The single cable solution not only simplifies installation but also improves data transmission speed and reliability, ultimately enhancing the overall performance of flow measurement systems in industrial processes.


Technical notes:

Manufacturer ABB
Brand ABB
Series module
Part Number MPRC 086444-005
Product Type module
Quality 100% New Original
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Warranty 1 year
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