USB-4065 Digital Multimeter Device NI 4065


Part number: USB-4065, 6.5 Digit, Digital Multimeter Device
Brand: NI
Service: Professional
Warranty: One year
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USB-4065 Digital Multimeter Device NI 4065

USB-4065 Digital Multimeter Device NI 4065

Title: National Instruments USB-4065 Digital Multimeter Device: Precision Measurements and Versatile Testing

1. Introduction: The National Instruments USB-4065 is a state-of-the-art Digital Multimeter Device designed to meet diverse measurement and testing needs. Available with part numbers 780152-01 and 196824G-01L, the USB-4065 offers precise measurements for voltage, current, resistance, and diode testing.

2. Key Features:

  • Measurement of AC and DC values.
  • 6.5 digits of resolution for accurate readings.
  • USB 2.0 bus connector supporting High-Speed or Full-Speed USB interface.
  • Sampling data at a maximum rate of 3 kS/s.
  • Input voltage range: 4.5 V to 5.25 V.
  • Inrush current: 500 mA, operating current: 400 mA.
  • Input and output triggers with logic levels of 5 V TTL, LVTTL (input) and 3.3 V (output).
  • Maximum trigger rate: 2.5 kHz.

3. Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: What does the USB-4065 support?

  • Answer: The USB-4065 supports both Hi-Speed and full-speed USB protocol.

Question: What is the fuse rating for the USB-4065?

  • Answer: The fuse of the USB-4065 has a rating of F 3.15 A 250 V.

Question: What type of fuse does the USB-4065 have?

  • Answer: The USB-4065 has a Fast-Acting fuse.

4. Specifications:


  • Warranted specifications: Covered by the model warranty and describe the performance of the device under stated operating conditions.
  • Characteristics: Relevant values to the device’s use under specified conditions but not covered by the model warranty.
  • Typical specifications: Performance met by a majority of models.
  • Nominal specifications: Attributes based on design, conformance testing, or supplemental testing.


  • Specifications are valid under ambient temperature (Tcal ± 5 °C).
  • Calibration interval of 1 year.
  • Warm-up time of 50 minutes.
  • niDMM Digits Resolution property set to 6.5.
  • niDMM Aperture Time Units property set to Power Line Cycles.
  • niDMM Aperture Time property set to 10.

DC Specifications

Resolution (digits) Reading rate (S/s), specified for 60 Hz (and 50 Hz) operation Aperture time (NPLC) RMS noise (ppm of range), 10 V range
0.6 (0.5) 100 0.06
6 (5) 10 0.2
10 (8.33) 6 0.25
30 (25) 2 0.4
60 (50) 1 0.55
900 0.06 1.7
1,500 0.04 2.5
3,000 0.02 11.5


5. Conclusion: The National Instruments USB-4065 Digital Multimeter Device provides unparalleled precision and versatility for measurement and testing applications. With a robust set of features and specifications, it ensures reliable and accurate results across various scenarios.