TRICONEX 4351B Communication module 500 V DC

TRICONEX 4351B Communication module 500 V DC


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The Tricon controller is a state-of-the-art programmable logic and process controller that

TRICONEX 4351B provides a high level of system fault tolerance. To ensure the highest possible system integrity

at all times, the Tricon controller includes these features:

  • Provides Triple Modular Redundant (TMR) architecture whereby each of three

TRICONEX 4351B identical system channels independently executes the control program, and specialized

hardware/software mechanisms “vote” all inputs and outputs.

  • Withstands harsh industrial environments.
  • Enables field installation and repair to be done at the module level while the controller

remains online. Replacing an I/O module does not disturb field wiring.

  • Supports up to 118 I/O modules (analog and digital) and optional communication

modules that interface with Modbus masters and slaves, Foxboro and Honeywell

Distributed Control Systems (DCS), other Triconex controllers in Peer-to-Peer

networks, and external host applications on Ethernet networks.

  • Provides integral support for remote I/O modules located as far away as 7.5 miles

(12 kilometers) from the Main Chassis, using SRXM modules.

  • Executes control programs developed and debugged with TriStation 1131 or TriStation

TRICONEX 4351B MSW software.

  • Provides intelligence in the input and output modules to reduce the workload of the

Main Processors. Each I/O module has three microprocessors. Input module

TRICONEX 4351B microprocessors filter and debounce the inputs and diagnose hardware faults on the

module. Output module microprocessors supply information for the voting of output

data, check loopback data from the output terminal for final validation of the output

state, and diagnose field-wiring problems.

  • Provides integral online diagnostics with adaptive-repair capabilities.
  • Allows normal maintenance while the Tricon controller is operating, without

disturbing the controlled process.

  • Supports transition to a hot-spare I/O module for critical applications where prompt

service may not be possible.



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