TRICONEX 3005 EX3005 security system card

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TRICONEX 3005 EX3005 security system card

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This procedure explains how to specify the name and color associated with a True or False state

TRICONEX 3005 which is displayed when events are retrieved by SOE Recorder. You can specify different state

names and colors for specific tagnames or specify the same state name and color for multiple


 TRICONEX 3005 Procedure

1 In TriStation 1131, open the SOE project. Specify one or more tagnames by doing any of

these actions:

  • On the Tagname Declarations or Declarations tree, double-click a tagname.
  • Double-click a tagname on a logic sheet, and then click the Declarations button.
  • Select a range of tagnames by pressing the Shift key and clicking the top and

TRICONEX 3005 bottom, then double-click in the range.

  • Select multiple tagnames by pressing the Ctrl key and clicking the each tagname;

then double-click any tagname in the set.

2 Click the Display tab.


brand Product Name Product model Order No
TRICONEX Module card TRICONEX 3005 nothing
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Europe and America Nationwide and overseas yes a year
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Xiamen Shunfeng Express Commissioning and installation Power Plant Steel Plant Cement Plant Shipboard Papermaking
Service advantages Foreign import, goods preparation and supply Reasonable price and reliable quality Pictures are for reference only
Product features Primary source of goods, supply by model After sales guarantee Chen 1810693-7731


Triconex controllers include a time synchronization feature which allows the time setting for

TRICONEX 3005 controllers to be synchronized to a master controller or an external device, such as a DCS or PC.

If you are collecting events for shutdown analysis, all the controllers being polled should be

using the time synchronization feature.

In a network, the controller clock can be synchronized with the master node (the controller with

the lowest node number) or with an external device that writes time values to the TriStation

application, or with both. In a combination approach, the master node accepts time adjustments

from an external device and in turn sets the time for other controllers on the network.

You can verify whether the polled controllers are synchronized by checking the SOE Recorder

message bar. Each day, SOE Recorder compares its clock with the clock of each controller from

which event data is being collected. If the PC clock and controller clock differ by five minutes or

more, this information is displayed in the Message Bar.

Avoiding Different Time Stamps for the Same Event

In a network of Triconex controllers, one point can be connected to more than one controller. If

that point is represented by event variables in more than one TriStation application, the SOE

time stamps might be slightly different for the various controllers when an event occurs. You

must determine whether this disparity is acceptable for the process by considering the following


In a typical network, Triconex controllers synchronize their time with the master node (the

controller with the lowest node number) within plus or minus 25 milliseconds. A controller

recognizes events on a scan basis and time-stamps each event at the beginning of the scan.

Because the scans of the various controllers on the network are not synchronized, the same

event can be logged by two controllers with different time stamps. The worst-case difference is

the longer scan time plus 25 milliseconds.

For more information, see the TriStation 1131 Developer’s Guide.

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