SST-PB3-CLX SST-PB3-CLX-RLL power wiring as Profibus main device


Product: SST-PB3-CLX
Output frequency: standard kHz
System environment: stable
System capability: normal
Operating system: DCS/PLC system

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Right-click on each slave to assign its GSD file. A shortcut window displays with the following options:

• GSD Files – Displays GSD file(s) found with the corresponding slave ID and a default-generated GSD file, in case no ID match found

• Export GSD – Export a GSD file that will be saved with a new name, which by default is the station number-slave ID

• Edit GSD – Edit the selected GSD file. The generated GSD is the default if another GSD file is not selected. Here you can specify the vendor and model name, slave-specific options such as freeze, sync, auto baud and set slave address; and user parameters.

• Properties – Displays module information for the slave.


SST-PB3-CLX power supply wiring: independent wiring terminals 13-, 14+, can be plugged and unplugged with power
Power supply voltage: 20-35VDC
Residual wave Wpp: < 5%
Current loss: approximately 60mA
Power indicator: LED lights up when powered on; green
Input circuit (Exia IIC hazardous area)
Input channel: Terminal 1-, 2+wiring (refer to terminal wiring diagram)
Current input: 4-20mA; 0-20mA; Or specify the current range
Voltage input: 1-5V; 0-5V; 0-10V; Or specify voltage range
Output circuit (safety zone)
Output channel: One relay with conversion contact
● Relay characteristics
Response time: ≤ 2ms
Drive voltage: 250VAC or 30VDC
Output current: 2A
Load type: resistive load
Alarm point setting: adjusted by potentiometer knob
Upper limit point setting (HS); Lower limit point setting (LS)
Alarm point current range: 0.5~22mA
Temperature drift of alarm point: ≤ 1.5A/℃
Hysteresis: 1% of range
Alarm LED indicator: Upper limit alarm (HA); Lower limit alarm (LA)


Configure the following parameters according to your PROFIBUS network:

• Name – Name of the network • Description – Description of the network

• Baud Rate – Baud rate of the PROFIBUS network

• Highest Station – Highest allowed station address for any active station on the network. The highest station affects how much time is spent soliciting for new nodes.

• Options – These affect the network parameters that the Configuration Tool assigns

• Repeater – Indicates whether or not there are any repeaters on the network • FMS Devices – Indicates whether or not there are any FMS devices on the network.

• Stay Offline on Error – Indicates whether or not the card stays offline when the Token Error Limit or Response Error Limit is exceeded within 256 token cycles.


Monitoring the Scanner via the SST PROFIBUS Configuration Tool

  1. Verify that the scanner is online by switching the CLX PLC to Run mode, or if you’re using PlantScape, ensure that the PBIM block with Clear mode enabled is active in Control Builder. Both the COMM (green) and SYS (red) LEDs should be ON.
  2. Switch the CLX PLC back to Program mode. For PlantScape, ensure that the PBIM block is inactive with the Clear mode enabled.
  3. To connect to the Master in your PROFIBUS configuration, right-click on the Master.
  4. Select Connect from the shortcut menu