SH070/60010/0/0/00/00/00/00/00 ELAU fixed linear motor


The highlights:
▪ 1 or 3 phase power supply
▪ Integrated network filter and bleeder
▪ 5 kW rated current / 10 kW peak current
▪ Direct current for up to 32 SCL-055
▪ Comprehensive diagnosis possibilities

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Operating a PacDrive SCL-055 in the aseptic area demands high requirements for protection against leaking fluids. The implementation of housing parts and screwed cable glands in compliance with IP67 is not adequate in many cases because this protection type only ensures that when immersing for minimum 30 minutes, no dam‐ aging quantity of water penetrates into the device. However in practice, various fluids with creeping properties different from water are used.

In addition, during the IP protection type test, it is not considered that there is high pressure in the housing due to the drive heating and low pressure during cooling, which favors the penetration of liquids.

In general, DCS control systems require two types of grounding: protective grounding and working grounding (logical grounding, shielding grounding, etc.). For systems equipped with safety barriers and explosion-proof measures, such as those used in the chemical industry, intrinsic safety measures are also required.

2.1 Cabinet Grounding (CG)
It is a protective measure taken to prevent the accumulation of static charges in the equipment casing and avoid personal injury. All operator cabinets, on-site control station cabinets, printers, terminal cabinets, etc. of the DCS system should be grounded for protection. The protective ground should be connected to the electrical professional grounding network in the factory area, with a grounding resistance of less than 4 Ω.

2.2 Logically
Also known as machine logic ground or host power ground, it is the common ground of the negative end of the logic level inside the computer and also the output ground of the+5V power supply. For example, the positive and negative 5V and positive and negative 12V terminals of the CPU. Need to connect to a public grounding electrode.

2.3 Shielded Ground (AG, Analog Grounding)
Also known as analog ground, it can shield the interference received during on-site signal transmission to improve signal accuracy. The shielding layer of signal cables in the DCS system should be grounded through shielding. The cable shielding layer must be grounded at one end to prevent the formation of closed circuit interference. The metal armor of armored cables should not be grounded as shielding protection, but must be grounded with copper wire mesh or aluminum shielding layer. Connect to the public grounding electrode.

2.4 Intrinsically Safe
An independent grounding system should be set up with a grounding resistance of ≤ 4 Ω. The grounding system of intrinsically safe grounding should remain independent, and the distance from the electrical grounding network or other instrument system grounding network in the factory area should be at least 5m.

SCL055/30011/A/00/AA/AA/03/001 Standard shaft without feather key
SCL055/30011/A/10/BA/AA/03/001 Standard shaft with feather key, connector
SCL055/15010/A/30/A0/BB/03/003 Stainless steel shaft with feather key
SCL055/15010/A/30/A0/BB/04/003 S