SC403-001-T4 SC403 Series Drive


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SC403-001-T4 SC403 Series Drive

SC403-001-T4 SC403 Series Drive


The high CPU load is mainly due to its relatively low capacity, but the amount of information it is required to process is relatively large. From this perspective, we need to find ways to reduce the amount of information processed by the CPU and cancel unnecessary or unimportant information. The address point is the sum of absolute and relative addresses, and the absolute addresses cannot be further reduced because these are necessary data information for central control. Relative addresses are also intermediate or process variables, and a considerable portion of this information is optional according to different requirements. Therefore, it can be organized or reduced according to our existing situation. After solving every discovered problem, the overall operation of the DCS control system has undergone a qualitative improvement.

In actual control, fully utilize our factory’s fully automated control capabilities. Since it was put into operation, there have been no malfunctions, fully ensuring the smooth operation of the operators and the stable operation of the equipment. Not only did it save the company hundreds of thousands of yuan in hardware investment, but it also made the operating load of the entire automation system more reasonable and stable, resulting in a zero annual failure rate for the entire DCS system. The expected goal has been achieved and significant economic benefits have been achieved. The main functions of the Siemens PCS7 control system, which utilizes PCS control software to develop real-time management information, include sequential logic control of electrical equipment, detection and display of process parameters, automatic adjustment of circuits, and operator management and operation of the controlled production workshop in the central control room. While our company’s industrial automatic control system has been running smoothly, and the real-time information management system of Helishi has been running normally for six months, it has basically met the requirements of our company’s information management. In this situation, in order to further enhance the transparency of the operation of our company’s important production equipment, to further supervise and strengthen the sense of responsibility of personnel in various important production positions, and to provide external leaders and management personnel of foreign enterprises with a higher understanding of the quality of our company’s core equipment operation, Our company’s leadership requires a separate information management report to be created in the information management system for the specific operation of our core equipment. The main content of this report is to record and display the following information under normal feeding operation:
① The current continuous operation time of the kiln,
② Last continuous operation time of the kiln,
③ The longest continuous operation time of a kiln in history.

In order to achieve the function of generating this management information in the information system, I started designing two solutions.

The first solution is to directly use the database of the real-time information management system to generate the corresponding time record data on the report based on the variable of kiln feeding quantity in the database. The second solution is to utilize the software of our industrial automatic control system, utilize the openness of the system and the characteristics of a large database in our large control system, generate the management report using a familiar programming language, record the required time for management data, and then place the generated data in our large database, which is then called by the real-time information management system. Through analysis and research on the data software of Hollysys Information, it was found that the software has certain limitations when borrowing external data for programming. At the same time, we consulted with experts from Hollysys Company, who said that our company’s information management system does not have this function, so our first plan cannot go there.

We can only choose the second solution, and this job should have been best generated by our information management software. However, it is indeed very difficult to implement the functions of information management software in industrial automatic control software nowadays. However, in order to achieve this function, we must calm down and further study the characteristics of industrial control software to generate the programs we need. After careful analysis and extensive experiments and research, we spent less than ten days researching and writing a program. At the same time, the important data generated by the program is transferred to the large database of industrial control for our information management system to use. The software has been running steadily until now, with a zero error rate, meeting the needs of our company’s information management and meeting the satisfaction of company leaders.


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