Rack mounted energy storage module – power storage


The battery system mainly provides power storage for solar systems in homes, shops, and offices.

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Features of rack mounted energy storage batteries:
★The system adopts high-quality lithium iron phosphate power cells, bringing better product performance and reliability
★ Each battery module unit is equipped with an independent high-performance BMS system for scientific management of battery cells
★ The battery module unit supports parallel connection for expansion
★ Support multiple inverter communication matching
★ The battery energy storage module adopts a standard 19 inch rack design, which is easy to install
★Widely used in various application scenarios such as homes, stores, offices, etc

Function description:
1. SOC displays battery capacity status
2. ALM indicates the fault status with a red light, which lights up when there is a fault.
3. RUN reflects the operating status of the equipment
4. ADD Set Battery Address
5. CAN CAN communication interface
6. RS-485 RS-485 communication interface
7. RESTART SWITCH sleep and wake-up function
8. BATTERY OUTPUT 51.2V power supply connection terminals: positive+, negative-
9. Protection Switch Circuit Breaker
10. Grounding Point
11. HANDLE handle, used for equipment handling and installation


SN     Item                           Specification                    Description
1 Total capacity 100.0Ah Rated discharge (1); Rated charging (2)
2 small capacity 98.0Ah  
3 nominal voltage 51.2V Configuration: 16 cells, single cell voltage 3.2V
4 minimum discharging voltage 42.0V  
5 Maximum charging voltage 58.4V At 25±3℃
7 Maximum continuous charging current 50A At 25±3℃
8 Maximum continuous discharge current 100A At 25±3℃
9 Permissible temperature range for operation Charging 0~50 ℃
Discharge -20~60 ° C
10 humidity 10%~85% RH

5%~85% RH

11 Storage temperature range 0~50℃ Max 6 months
12 weight ≤58kg  
13 Size (mm) [W * T * H] 482*420*197  
14 cycle life ≥2000 @0.2C 80%DOD