PXI-6602 with NI-DAQ version 6.5, PC compatible software


One of the following devices:
• PCI-6601
• PCI-6602
• PXI-6602

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PXI-6602 with NI-DAQ version 6.5, PC compatible software

This manual describes the electrical and mechanical aspects of 660x devices, and contains information concerning their operation and programming. Unless otherwise noted, text applies to each 660x device, the PCI-6601, PCI-6602, and PXI-6602. The PCI and PXI implementations are the same in functionality; their primary difference is the bus interface.

Title: Navigating Your DAQ System Documentation

Introduction: The 6601/6602 User Manual is an integral part of the comprehensive documentation set for your Data Acquisition (DAQ) system. Depending on your system’s hardware and software, you may have various types of documentation to guide you through different aspects of your setup and application development.

Utilizing Different Documentation Types:

  1. DAQ Hardware User Manuals:
    • These manuals provide detailed information about the DAQ hardware connected to your computer.
    • Use them for hardware installation, configuration instructions, specifications, and application hints.
  2. Software Documentation:
    • Examples include LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI, and NI-DAQ documentation.
    • After setting up your hardware, turn to the application software or NI-DAQ documentation for assistance in application development.
    • For large, complex systems, consider reviewing software documentation before configuring hardware.
  3. Accessory Installation Guides or Manuals:
    • If using accessory products, refer to terminal block and cable assembly installation guides or accessory board user manuals.
    • These guides explain how to physically connect components within the system.
    • Consult these guides when making connections to ensure proper integration.

About the 6601/6602 User Manual:

  1. Conventions:
    • The manual uses specific conventions to enhance clarity.
    • For example, angle brackets containing numbers separated by an ellipsis represent a range of values associated with a bit or signal name (e.g., DIO<0..7>).
  2. Device References:
    • Clear distinctions are made for different devices to avoid confusion.
    • Examples include:
      • “6601 device” referring to the PCI-6601.
      • “6602 device” referring to the PCI-6602 and PXI-6602, unless otherwise noted.
      • “660x device” referring to the PCI-6601, PCI-6602, and PXI-6602, unless otherwise noted.
      • “PCI-660x device” referring to the PCI-6601 and PCI-6602, unless otherwise noted.

Conclusion: Effectively navigating your DAQ system documentation ensures a smooth setup and streamlined application development process. By utilizing the various types of documentation available, from hardware manuals to software guides and accessory installation instructions, you can maximize the potential of your DAQ system and avoid potential pitfalls during configuration and application development.