PXI-5922 Interactive Control Equipment


To ensure effective cooling of PXI-5922, please follow the guidelines in the maintenance kit. PXI-5922 is for indoor use only.

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PXI-5922 Interactive Control Equipment


Title: Comprehensive Software Support and Configuration for the NI PXI-5922

Introduction: The NI PXI-5922 offers robust software support and interactive configuration options to enhance user experience and streamline testing processes. This article provides an overview of driver software, application software, interactive control features, and specifications related to NI TClk synchronization for the PXI-5922.

Waveform Specifications
Onboard memory size
8 MB/channel 2 MS/channel
32 MB/channel 8 MS/channel
256 MB/channel 64 MS/channel
Minimum record length 1 Sample
Number of pretrigger samples 0 up to full Record Length for both singlerecord mode and multiple-record mode
Number of posttrigger samples 0 up to full Record Length for both singlerecord mode and multiple-record mode
Maximum number of records in onboard memory24
8 MB/channel 13,107
32 MB/channel 52,428
256 MB/channel 100,000
Allocated onboard memory per record (Record Length × 4 bytes/S) + 400 bytes,
rounded up to next multiple of 128 bytes or
640 bytes, whichever is greate


Section 1: Driver Software 1.1 NI-SCOPE Driver Support: Driver support for the PXI-5922 was introduced in NI-SCOPE version 2.8. NI-SCOPE, an IVI-compliant driver, empowers users to configure, control, and calibrate the PXI-5922. It provides versatile application programming interfaces (APIs) compatible with various development environments.

Section 2: Application Software 2.1 Supported Development Environments: NI-SCOPE offers programming interfaces, documentation, and examples for seamless integration into popular application development environments, including:

  • LabVIEW
  • LabWindows™/CVI™
  • Measurement Studio
  • Microsoft Visual C/C++
  • .NET (C# and VB.NET)

Section 3: Interactive Soft Front Panel and Configuration 3.1 NI-SCOPE Soft Front Panel (SFP): The NI-SCOPE Soft Front Panel allows interactive control of the PXI-5922. This feature was introduced in NI-SCOPE SFP version 2.2, included with the NI-SCOPE media.

3.2 NI Measurement Automation Explorer (MAX): MAX provides additional interactive configuration and test tools for the PXI-5922, enhancing the user interface and experience. MAX is also included on the NI-SCOPE media.

Section 4: TClk Specifications 4.1 NI TClk Synchronization: Users can leverage the NI TClk synchronization method and the NI-TClk driver to align Sample clocks across multiple supported devices in one or more chassis. Detailed information on TClk synchronization is available in the NI-TClk Synchronization Help within the NI High-Speed Digitizers Help.


Conclusion: The NI PXI-5922 ensures a seamless user experience through comprehensive software support, including driver compatibility with NI-SCOPE, integration into various development environments, interactive control features via the Soft Front Panel, and TClk synchronization capabilities. This multifaceted software ecosystem empowers users to configure, control, and synchronize the PXI-5922 effectively for precise and reliable measurements in diverse applications.