Price of Foxboro IPM02/P0904HA Combination Controller


P0904HA Industrial Power Module, 2 LAMBDA (IPM02)
P0904HB Industrial Power Module, 3A LAMBDA
P47 Modular Industrial Console Bay

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Price of Foxboro IPM02/P0904HA Combination Controller

For anyone who starts learning from trapezoidal logic, it can be proven that PLC was a fairly simple solution to an ancient problem at the time: making the control system reconfigurable without the need for manual rewiring or reconnecting hardware. This programmability foundation quickly formed a competitive relationship with PCs entering factory workshops and later embedded computers.

For the field of industrial control and automation, these Windows based PCs and embedded computers can provide stronger processing power, higher programming flexibility, better ecosystem support, and lower costs.

At the same time, PLCs firmly grasp their core advantages, namely robustness, simplicity, options, durability, and “trust”, which is a crucial factor in situations where downtime can lead to losses of thousands to millions of dollars. Control engineers and technicians know that they can rely on PLCs and know how to quickly and conveniently locate or troubleshoot errors if they occur.

Although PCs may have entered the factory workshops in large numbers, PLC development has not stopped either. In the late 1990s and 2000s, PCs seemed to have won the war, but PLCs were also becoming increasingly powerful and adopting more standard operating systems and programming languages and methods, such as C, while also becoming more open. This is the case with the Micro850 we chose for disassembly. It uses Connection Component Workbench (CCW) software based on validated Rockwell Automation and Microsoft Visual Studio technology.

This Connected Component Workbench (CCW) software uses a visual interface to reduce costs and shorten development time by using user-defined functional modules, label configurations, and screen designs.

Specifically, we disassembled the Micro850 2080-LC50-48QBB, a controller with 28V to 24V DC/AC input and 20V to 24V DC source output. Based on the quotations from different suppliers, it is approximately $500 (Figure 1).

Figure 1: The Allen Bradley Micro850 Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), priced at approximately $500, is a benchmark in terms of high robustness, configurability, isolation, and ease of use. Despite competition from PC/embedded computing devices, it still maintains a strong position in the field of factory automation.

This basic 48 point controller provides a high-speed counter (HSC) input of 100kHz, embedded communication through USB programming ports, 1 non isolated serial port (for RS-232 and RS-485 communication), and 1 Ethernet port. The Micro850 also provides embedded motion control functionality by supporting up to three shafts with pulse train output (PTO), and can communicate through Ethernet/IP.


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