PR9268/302-100 epro sensor TSI monitoring system


Model Number: PR9268/302-100

Transversal sensitivity

PR 9268/20x-… 0.13g

PR 9268/30x-… 0.27g

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The absolute vibration sensors PR9268/x0x-100-RAD are designed to measure absolute vibrations in the frequency range 4…1000 Hz and with vibration amplitudes of up to 1500 mm (peak-peak). These types provide electrical signals proportional to the vibration velocity. The sensors offer several basic types to cover a wide range of industrial measuring applications.

The robust construction and the splash-proof housing permits the sensors to be mounted even in hostile environments. Application areas of the sensors are all kind of turbo machinery, fans, compressors, gear boxes, pumps, coal mills and other machines. The high output level and the low impedance of the measuring coil effect a high interference immunity. Subsequent measuring amplifiers of the MMS 3000 and A 6000 machine monitoring systems can process the vibration signal without the need of additional intermediate amplifiers.

The measuring element of the absolute bearing vibration sensors PR9268/x0x-100-RAD consist of a seismic mass with a coil, suspended on membrane springs and moving in the circular gap of a permanent magnet. The membrane springs lead the measuring element in the longitudinal direction. The sensors are operated above the resonance frequency, which is 4,5 Hz. The seismic mass remains at rest and due to the vibration of the sensor housing, an electric signal proportional to the vibration velocity is generated.

The sensors are dynamic sensors with the measuring coil as part of the seismic element, moving in the field of the permanent magnet. Damping of the measuring elements is realized by damping cylinders resp. by external wiring and set to a value of approx. 0.6, resulting in a very linear characteristic over the entire frequency range.

Measurements below the resonance frequency can be made with corresponding corrections of the amplitude responses. In case of too high vibration amplitudes, mechanical limit stops reduce the maximum amplitude of the seismic systems.

The transducers PR9268/20x-100-RAD are designed for vertical and PR9268/30x-100-RAD for horizontal operation.


Electrical data of meas. coil

DC resistance 375 Ohm
For Channel Clear detection, A6120 requiresadditional serial resistance of approx. 1500 Ohm within sensor circuit. This reduces the sensitivity to 28.5 mV/mm s-1.

Temperature range

Sensor without connector
Continuous -10 to +80°C (14 to 176°F)
Short time (1 minute) -10 to +105°C (14 to 221°F)
Storage / transport -10 to 70°C (14 to 158°F)