Pacific Scientific SC155-056-05 Driver/Controller


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Pacific Scientific SC155-056-05 Driver/Controller

Pacific Scientific SC155-056-05 Driver/Controller


The clearest indication that an external regen resistor is needed is that the drive will fault on over-voltage when the motor decelerates. The Fault LED will be solid on and the variable FaultCode will show ‘over-voltage’ or ‘external regen fault’. As the motor decelerates, mechanical energy is regenerated back to the drive. Initially this energy goes into the bus capacitors and pumps-up their voltage. With an external regen resistor connected the pump-up of the bus voltage is clamped at about 400VDC. Without a regen resistor, the voltage can continue to rise and at about 425V an over-voltage fault occurs. The need for regen is strong function of maximum motor speed. Below some speed, roughly (1/3 to 1/4) system rated speed, an external regen resistor is unlikely to be needed. For an explanation of why this is so see the section at the end of this appendix, “Regen Need is a Strong Function of Maximum Motor Speed.”

Monitoring Bus Voltage

There may be a few applications where bus voltage pump up is excessive, but not high enough to trip the hardware over-voltage fault (423V). Bus voltage is considered excessive if it exceeds 390-400 VDC. The built-in oscilloscope can be used to monitor how much the bus voltage (VBus) pumps up at motor deceleration. If the scope shows the bus voltage reaching 390 VDC to 400VDC, then connect an external regen resistor to insure long term reliable operation.

DCS is a comprehensive system for production and management automation, which includes functions such as scheduling management, ingredient control, production line thermal parameter detection and control, metering control for feeding coal, and equipment start stop interlocking control. It uses communication interfaces to connect to the enterprise management network. Implement remote diagnosis and management for group enterprises or enterprises with support from technical units that have built factories in different locations. Due to the small scale and low investment of general vertical kiln cement plants, domestically produced DCS systems with lower prices and PCS systems integrated with PLC can be selected for DCS selection. After years of effort, the domestically produced DCS system has become very mature in technology and has a complete Chinese interface, making it easy for technical and operational personnel to master. The PCS system has the advantages of low price and high reliability.


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