P0973CN expansion backplane FOXBORO


2 FCP270
2 FEM100

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FEM100 mounts on a Two-Slot (P0973CG) or Four-Slot (P0973CN) Expansion Baseplate. These baseplates can be mounted on a vertical DIN rail. Refer to PSS 21H-2W6 B4 for details.

PLC maintenance knowledge
1、 Maintenance regulations, equipment regular testing, and adjustment regulations
(1) Check the connection status of the wiring terminals in the PLC cabinet every six months or quarter, and if any loose parts are found, reconnect them firmly in a timely manner;
(2) Re-measure the working voltage of the power supply to the host in the cabinet every month;

2、 Regulations on Regular Cleaning of Equipment
(1) Clean the PLC every six months or quarter, cut off the power supply to the PLC, remove the power rack, CPU motherboard, and input/output board in sequence, perform purging and cleaning, and then install them in place. After all connections are restored, power is transmitted and the PLC host is started. Carefully clean the PLC box for hygiene;
(2) Replace the filter screen under the power rack every three months;

3、 Preparation and maintenance procedures before maintenance
(1) Prepare tools before maintenance;
(2) To ensure that the functions of the components do not malfunction and the template is not damaged, protective devices must be used and anti-static preparations must be made carefully;
(3) Contact the dispatch and operators before maintenance, and hang the maintenance tag where it is necessary to hang the maintenance tag;

4、 Equipment disassembly sequence and method
(1) Shutdown maintenance requires two or more people to monitor the operation;
(2) Turn the mode selection switch on the CPU front panel from “Run” to “Stop” position;
(3) Turn off the main power supply to the PLC, and then turn off other power supplies to the module;
(4) Record the wire number and connection position of the power cord connected to the power rack and remove it. Then, remove the screws connecting the power rack to the cabinet, and the power rack can be removed;
(5) The CPU motherboard and I/O board can be removed by rotating the screws below the template;
(6) Install in reverse order;