P0961FR Foxboro CP60 control module


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The input device can be any passive contact or open collector NPN transistor. When the input device is turned on, the input terminal is turned on, the input line is closed, and the LED indicating the input is on. The primary and secondary circuits at the input end are isolated through optoelectronic coupling. The secondary circuit is equipped with an RC filter to prevent PLC malfunction caused by input contact jitter or electrical noise connected from the input line. If a diode is connected in series in the input contact circuit, the voltage on the connected diode should be less than 4V. If a reed switch with LED is used, the number of diodes in series cannot exceed two.

In addition, special attention should be paid to the following points for input wiring:

(1) Input wiring should generally not exceed 30m. But if the environmental interference is small and the voltage drop is not significant, the input wiring can be appropriately longer. (2) The input and output lines cannot use the same cable, and the input and output lines should be separated. (3) The width of the pulse signal that the programmable controller can accept should be greater than the time of the scanning cycle. 2.6 Output Wiring (1) Programmable controllers have three forms: relay output, thyristor output, and transistor output.

(2) The output terminal wiring is divided into independent output and common output. When the output relay or thyristor of the PLC acts, two output terminals of the same number are connected. In different groups, different types and voltage levels of output voltages can be used. However, outputs in the same group can only use power supplies of the same type and voltage level.

(3) Due to the output components of the PLC being encapsulated on the printed circuit board and connected to the terminal board, if the load connecting the output components is short-circuited, it will burn out the printed circuit board. Therefore, fuse protection should be applied to the output components.

(4) When using a relay output, the magnitude of the inductive load it bears affects the working life of the relay, so the relay requires a long working life.

(5) The output load of PLC may generate noise interference, so measures should be taken to control it. In addition, for hazardous loads that can cause harm to users, in addition to considering them in the control program, external emergency shutdown circuits should also be designed to cut off the power supply of the load that causes harm in the event of a programmable controller failure.

The AC output line and DC output line should not use the same cable, and the output line should be as far away from the high-voltage line and power line as possible to avoid parallelism.