P0916JS FOXBORO wiring terminal controller


FBM203 / P0916AE
FBM237 / P0916CC
FBM217 / P0916PW
FBM219 / P0917LE
FBM219 / P0917LH

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Sixteen Contact Sense Discrete Inputs connect to sixteen DeltaV DICHARMs – termination assembly model numbers FBM207b / P0916JS and FBM207c / P0917MF.

First, create a product setting entry key and a current product model display on the main interface. The product entry key does not require entering a password, but instead uses a long press and hold of 3S to enter the product setting interface. The product display indicates how many models there are, and as many indicator lights as there are other characters in the model, it cannot be displayed with a single number of characters. Therefore, as many products there are, as many lights as there are, each light corresponds to a PLC relay. The safety display is used in the indicator light properties, and the corresponding relay action is only displayed.

Long press the product type setting button to enter the setting interface. A product model data table is created in the interface, which lists all product models. Each model is composed of a jog key and an indicator light. When any product is jog, the previous product will automatically close and switch to the currently selected product and be indicated.

Writing method in PLC program: Each product corresponds to one data, for example, product A corresponds to a relay R1 in the PLC. When R1 is triggered, K1 is passed to D10. At this point, D10 represents product A. When D10=1, transfer all data of product A to the executed position control instructions for processing.

At the same time, when D10=1, the data setting switch on the touch screen is assigned to the corresponding product data setting interface. Touch to create a setting page for each corresponding product, and correspond one by one. For example, set the setting interface for product A in window 18. When the product data setting is pressed, relay A1 in the PLC is triggered. When A1 is connected, PLC MOV K18 D0 will automatically page to the 18 window on the touch screen. At this time, the data of this product can be changed arbitrarily.