NI PXIE-6556 Digital Waveform Generator/Analyzer


Part number: PXIe-6556, 200 MHz, Digital Waveform Generator/Analyzer
Brand: NI
Service: Professional
Warranty: One year
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Title: National Instruments PXIe-6556 Digital Waveform Generator/Analyzer: Unleashing Advanced Testing Capabilities

Introduction: Explore the National Instruments PXIe-6556, a powerful Digital Waveform Generator/Analyzer designed for validation and production tests. This article delves into its features, specifications, accessories, calibration options, and frequently asked questions, providing a comprehensive guide for users.

  1. Key Features:
    • 24 channels with per pin parametric unit (PPMU) capability.
    • 200 MHz maximum clock rate, supporting voltage levels from -2 V to 7 V or -1 V to 7 V.
    • PPMU acts as a force and measure unit, enabling current and voltage driving and measurement independently for each channel.
    • Two part numbers available: 781949-02 (64 MB memory per channel) and 781949-01 (8 MB memory per channel).
    • Maximum data transfer rate of 200 Mbit per second.
  2. Advanced Testing Capabilities:
    • Real-time hardware compare, data delay, scripting, and an onboard high-resolution clock enhance testing flexibility.
    • Timing and synchronization capabilities enable advanced linking, information streaming, and looping.
    • Integration with power supplies, digitizers, and switches for a versatile mixed-signal test system.
  3. Specifications:
    • Model: PXIe-6556
    • Part Numbers: 781949-02 and 781949-01
    • Manufacturer: National Instruments
    • Channels: 24
    • Maximum Clock Rate: 200 MHz
    • Memory: 8 MB/ch or 64 MB/ch
    • Maximum Data Rate: 200 Mbit/s
    • Dimensions: 21.6 x 2.0 x 13.0 cm
    • Weight: 28 oz.
  4. I/O Connectors and Software Support:
    • Supports various I/O connector types: SMA Jack, Combicon, and the 68-pin VHDCI.
    • Compatible with multiple software including NI-HSDIO driver software (version 1.8 and above) and National Instruments Measurement and Automation Explorer (MAX).
  5. Accessories:
    • Recommended accessories include a shielded single-ended 1 m SHC68-C68-D4 Cable and an unshielded single-ended CB-2162 Digital I/O Accessory, compatible with both PXIe-6556 versions.
  6. Calibration Options:
    • Available for calibration to ensure continued accuracy over time.
    • Apex Waves provides high-quality NIST accredited calibrations through a third party with an average turnaround time of 1 to 2 weeks.

NI PXIE-6556 Digital Waveform Generator/Analyzer

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Q: What are the programmable voltage levels for VOH, VOL, VTT, VIH, and VIL on the PXIe 6556?
    • A: The PXIe 6556 uses -2.0 to 7.0 V per pin programmable voltage levels.
  2. Q: What advanced ATE capabilities are available on the NI PXIe-6556?
    • A: The NI PXIe-6556 advanced ATE capabilities include active load, tight CH-to-CH skew, and external SMU integration.
  3. Q: Why am I getting an Error -1074118505 when performing the NI PXIe 6556 calibration procedure?
    • A: If you’re getting an error – 1074118505, it usually means the DMM to AUX I/O connection is not properly connected or interchanged.
  4. Q: Is external SMU integration available on the NI PXIe-6556?
    • A: Yes, the NI PXIe-6556 does have external SMU integration.