Millmate Operator Unit 410 ABB for panel installation


Operator Unit 410
Dimensions: 143 x 204 x 50 mm (H x W x D),
Level of protection: IP 65

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The Millmate Operator Unit 410 provides communication with the control unit and is designed for panel mounting. The operator unit(s) and control unit(s) are interconnected on a common network. This common network can be a separate network for measuring objects or it can be part of a local area network (LAN). The communication on the network is in accordance with the IEEE 802.3 standard and uses TCP/IP protocol.

DCS power connection and DCS power transmission measures

1. After the two electrical power sources (auxiliary power and UPS power) are connected to the DCS power cabinet, the DCS power cabinet is responsible for supplying power to each main cabinet. There are two power distribution boxes in each main cabinet. During normal operation, one power source is supplied to the main cabinet. When either of the two electrical power sources disappears, the DCS power cabinet automatically switches to the other. To ensure the normal power supply of the main cabinet.

2. Power transmission measures ⑴ Construction preparation.
① All grounding cables have been wired, power cables, and network cables have been laid and wired After the UPS system test is completed, it is possible to provide power to the DCS based on the design voltage Clean all panels and cabinets with compressed air. ④ Pull out all I/O modules, disconnect all fuses and power switches.

2. Power transmission steps: ① Turn off the main power switch of all panels and cabinets. 2. Check that the voltage and polarity of the power cabinet meet the requirements. 3. Close the A-way power supply of the power cabinet one by one. 4. Close the A-way power supply of each main cabinet. At this time, the DPU box power indicator light should be on. Turn the DPU box to the operating position through the key switch. 5 Close the B circuit switch of the power cabinet and the main cabinet, and turn off the A circuit power switch. At this time, the power supply of each main cabinet should be switched to B circuit power supply. 4、 After the DCS power supply is checked, each channel of each module should be checked to ensure the correct display of the DCS screen. Different modules should be tested using different signals, and after adding signals to the channels, the display on the DCS operator station screen should be observed to be correct.

F3 DIO 16/8 01 SILWORX
SR511 3BSE000863R0001
PFSK152 3BSE018877R1
S-113H 3BHB018008R0003 包括D1961SH45TS02 6个 D1031SH45TS02 2个 3BHL000986P0006 2个
S-093H 3BHB009885R0004