Lithium Battery Stacked Energy Storage System HZF-51.2-100-SD


Battery module model: HZF-51.2-100-SD
Cell type: Lithium iron phosphate battery LiFePO4
Rated energy 5.12KWh
Rated capacity 100Ah
Nominal voltage 51.2V
Working voltage range 44.8V~58.4V

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★ Each battery module unit is equipped with an independent high-performance BMS system
The LCD screen displays various battery states: SOC, current, temperature, and voltage.

The system adopts high-quality lithium iron phosphate power cells, bringing better product performance and reliability.
A professional PACK R&D design and production team.

Intelligent management:
★ HZF-51.2-100-SD is equipped with an intelligent BMS for each battery module, effectively managing the normal and stable operation of the module.
Compared with traditional modules, HZF-51.2-100-SD can meet the requirements of large storage capacity and greatly improve cycle life.

★ Battery module: Modular stacked design, with the number of modules selected according to demand, which can be quickly expanded and installed easily.
★ System base: movable base. Equipped with heavy-duty universal brake wheels and directional adjustment wheels. Flexible movement. The universal brake wheel brake can be temporarily fixed, and the directional adjustment wheel adjustment screw can be better positioned and fixed.
★ Inverter: optional part. Can be configured according to actual needs. This device is a multifunctional inverter/charger that integrates inverter, MPPT solar charger, and battery charger functions. It has a wide PV input range and can be unloaded without battery when the energy is sufficient. It has the advantages of high power density, small size, simple operation, high overall efficiency, and low no-load loss.

★ Inverter: HZF-51.2-100-SD is widely used in various application scenarios such as residential energy storage systems, shops, offices, etc


System base model: HZF-51.2-100-DZ

net weight 11.8Kg
External dimensions [L * W * H] (mm) 560*508*150