Lithium Battery Home Energy Storage System – Lithium Iron Phosphate Cells


The battery system mainly provides power storage for solar energy systems in residential homes.

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Lithium iron phosphate battery home energy storage system: At the same time, the battery system can optimize the use of electricity, ensuring the effective operation of the entire home energy storage system. Its comprehensive LCD information display screen and easy-to-use buttons facilitate user management of the battery system.

Product features:
★The system adopts high-quality lithium iron phosphate power cells, bringing better product performance and reliability
★ Each battery module unit is equipped with an independent high-performance BMS system for scientific management of battery cells
★ LCD screen displays various battery statuses
★ The battery module unit supports parallel connection for expansion
★ Support multiple inverter communication matching
★ The battery module adopts a wall mounted design for easy installation
★Widely used in various application scenarios such as homes, stores, offices, etc


Internal ingredients:
1. LCD liquid crystal display
2. Function buttons
3. Bottom handle of battery module
4. Battery module side handle
5. Wall mounted fixing bracket
6. Battery positive pole
7. RS485 communication interface 8. CAN communication interface
9. Battery module address dialing
10. Running status indicator light
11. Alarm indicator light
12. Battery indicator light
13. Power switch
14. Battery negative electrode


Model      HZF-51.2-100-S C       HZF-51.2-200-S D        HZF-51.2-300-S E
Type LiFePO4
nominal voltage 51.2V
rated energy 5.12KWh 10.24KWh 15.36KWh
rated capacity 100Ah 200Ah 300Ah
Charging Voltage 58.4V
Discharge Cut-off Voltage 42V
Maximum continuous charging current 50A
Maximum continuous discharge current 100A
weight about 65Kg about 121Kg about 182Kg
Size (mm) [W * T * H] W450*T212*H591 W450*T212*H850 W645*T212*H850
Charging temperature range 0~45℃
Discharge temperature range 20~50℃
Number of cycles [1] 3000 Cycles
Communication method CAN/RS 485
maintenance 5 years