LAM 810-066590-004 control module

LAM 810-066590-004 control module


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LAM 810-066590-004 Installation Requirements

  • Initially, the control program must clear the counters before you can obtain accurate

LAM 810-066590-004 counts. The initial power-up count is 2147479552. However, this does not apply to your

hot-spare module, which re-educates its count from the active module.

  • Connect each point with individually shielded, twisted-pair cable, keeping the cable as

short as possible. Connect the shield to earth ground at the sensor or at the Tricon

controller chassis. Where possible, route the cable away from all noise sources.

  • If possible, avoid unshielded, multi-twisted-pair cable with an overall outer shield

only. If this type of cable is used, cable length should be limited to 50 feet to minimize

LAM 810-066590-004 point-to-point cross-talk that can occur inside the cable bundle.

  • The PTI module is designed to count pulses up to 1 KHz, which is in the frequency

range of some types of EMI, such as lightning. Excessive EMI, coupled directly into the

PTI point inputs or coupled through poorly grounded cable shields may cause

LAM 810-066590-004 inaccurate count readings and false indications of PTI module faults. This type of fault

can be cleared by issuing a counter reset from the control program and then using the

TriStation Diagnostic Panel to clear the fault.

  • Short together the positive (+) and negative (-) terminals of all unused inputs, or keep

unused counters cleared by means of control program instructions.

  • Connect PTI module points to solid state sensors, preferably the push-pull output type.

Do not connect PTI module points to mechanical relay or switch contacts, because

mechanical contact bounce may cause inaccurate count readings and false indications

of faults.

  • If you use high-side or low-side solid state switches to drive PTI module points instead

of a push-pull output, the maximum count frequency may be reduced in proportion to

the cable length.

  • Do not exceed the maximum count rate by more than 10% or induce glitches to the

points. Excessive frequency or glitches cause inaccurate count readings and false

indication of faults.

LAM 810-066590-004


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