K31HRFJ-LNK-NS-00 stepper motor


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Model: K31HRFJ-LNK-NS-00
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K31HRFJ-LNK-NS-00 stepper motor

K31HRFJ-LNK-NS-00 stepper motor


This section of the catalog deals with our extensive line of high performance hybrid step motors. If you need application assistance, please refer to pages 6 – 9. Our Selection Overview on page 30 will also prove helpful in finding the right step motor family for your application. Or use the index at right to quickly locate information on the NEMA 23, 34, or 42 frame hybrid step motor that is best suited to your application.

Our special purpose hybrid step motors include low inertia rotor hybrids for your special applications. The following pages provide technical and application data to simplify your selection process. Features and benefits, ratings and characteristics are provided for NEMA 23 frame sizes.

These H and E Series motors employ special hollow, low mass rotors to achieve the industry’s highest torque to inertia ratios. Use low inertia motors for applications requiring exceptionally rapid start/stop, point to point positioning, and acceleration capabilities. This high acceleration capability makes the low inertia motors most effective for operation below 2,000 RPM. See the ratings and characteristics on the following pages to determine whether your application can benefit from low inertia step motors. Both standard hybrid and Sigmax® technology motors are offered to meet a broad range of performance requirements.


The term DCS comes from the abbreviation for this technology abroad, which translates to a distributed control system. Its basic architecture is to use the central control room as the operation and management platform, and the DCS channel cabinet as the link connecting the start and stop of production equipment and the display of instruments and meters throughout the entire line, completing the monitoring of the entire bureau and achieving centralized management. According to production needs, with the help of the powerful functions of DCS system software, it can achieve single, group, and protection trip interlocking and process interlocking protection of equipment, local automatic process control, historical trend archiving and querying, global data analysis, and other functions to achieve rapid response and efficient production. This is also the main role that DCS should play in production. All of these are based on the premise of DCS real display, reliable operation, and reasonable control.

The quality of DCS installation and debugging plays an important role in the smooth completion of trial production and future normal and continuous production of new projects. The following points should attract our attention and attention:
1. The DCS system produced by ABB company has been widely used due to its simple, stable, reliable, and rich functions. The corresponding mature DCS engineering and technical personnel of each company are also relatively rich, and its advantages are self-evident; Although domestic brands represented by Hollysys have low prices, they are often not selected due to their single functionality, poor stability, and poor compatibility; Represented by Siemens and Schneider, the S7-400 is usually not adopted due to its high engineering cost, relatively complex system, limited after-sales service outlets, and limited application examples in cement production lines. The comprehensive stability, price, personnel training, and after-sales maintenance are the reasons why many enterprises choose ABB systems. So we cannot abandon essential things for innovation or cost savings.
2. Management is the most important part of DCS installation and debugging, as well as an important part of production line installation and testing. It is also the most prone to errors, affecting project progress and even equipment and personnel safety. A mature and united debugging team and electrical installation team are important guarantees for efficient, safe, and reliable DCS debugging. During this process, it is necessary to determine the training target of DCS, and it is advisable to train two people during debugging.
3. The installation and debugging of DCS is actually a docking process, which is often the most prone to errors and delays, and even leads to safety accidents. This is manifested in ① using DP as communication docking equipment ② some equipment.


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