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Model: K0143AA-AS
Product name: Power module
Warranty: One year warranty

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In the ground loop, there may be unexpected current flow between two points in the electrical system that share a common path (but each point has a limited and different impedance). High voltage safety isolation is necessary in two circuits that operate at dangerously changing voltage values and are close together, and it is also necessary when using level conversion circuits that result in inconsistent circuit operation at different voltage values.

Why choose an optocoupler?
There are many reasons. For beginners, they can provide true current isolation and achieve high isolation between LEDs and detectors using silicone and polyimide strips with a gap of 0.08mm.


After current isolation measures are taken, charged particles cannot move from one circuit to another, although signal information can still be exchanged between circuits through other means, such as optical, inductive, or capacitive coupling.

As a designer, one needs to pay attention to the consistency of safety isolation standards. IEC 60747-5-5 is a component level safety standard for optical isolation in industrial applications, which is different from equipment safety standards. Many technologies will ‘meet’ basic standard requirements, but optocouplers can exceed these standards, providing some valuable space for special situations.

Note that IEC 60747-5-5 is a de facto industry standard for optocouplers that require mandatory isolation certification. If single-layer isolation and double-layer isolation have the same insulation properties, it is called enhanced isolation. Although the Anhua high voltage components in the Micro850 meet the rated withstand voltage of 2.5kV to 3.75kV, the optocoupler can do better, with a withstand voltage of up to 7.5kV.


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