ILX56-MM Industrial Communication Manager


Data transmission statistics in the ILX56-MM module

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If you have not already installed and configured your ControlLogix processor and power supply, please do so before installing the ILX56-MM module. Refer to your Rockwell Automation product documentation for installation instructions.

After you have checked the placement of the jumper, insert ILX56-MM into the ControlLogix chassis. Use the same technique recommended by Rockwell Automation to remove and install ControlLogix modules. You can install or remove ControlLogix system components while chassis power is applied and the system is operating. However, please note the following warning.



In You can view the status and configuration of the ILX56-MM module without logging in. However, to modify the module’s configuration, or to perform maintenance tasks, you must log in. The LOGIN and LOGOUT buttons are located in the status bar at the bottom of the module’s web page


Interfaces and Devices

You can configure the module to send and receive tag data to/from controllers in the local ControlLogix rack, connected remotely through a bridge, or via one of the Ethernet ports on the module. Interfaces are used to configure controllers or bridges in the local ControlLogix rack. Devices are used to configure bridges and controllers that are remotely connected through bridges in the local rack or one of the Ethernet ports on the module.

Data transferred to or from a PLC 5® , SLC™, or MicroLogix™ may be transferred via one of the supported bridges or one of the Ethernet ports on the module. Data transferred to or from a, or ControlLogix® Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) can be transferred directly to/from a controller in the ControlLogix rack or to/from a remote ControlLogix PAC via one of the supported bridges or one of the Ethernet ports on the module. Data transferred to or from a Siemens Step 7 (S7) PLC or Schneider Electric Quantum PLC must be done through one of the Ethernet ports of the module.


Schneider Electric Quantum PLCs

Use the Modbus TCP/IP New Tag dialog box to add Tags from a Schneider Electric Quantum PLC (Unity or Concept) controller to the module’s configuration. To open the Modbus TCP/IP New Tag dialog box, you select the Tags node under a Schneider Electric Quantum PLC controller in the Configuration Editor tree and then click the NEW button on the toolbar.


Customers from around the world have different machine equipment, fieldbuses, and other end user devices. The fieldbus for each machine is tailored to their end user requirements. Because there are too many changes, automation solutions also have different approaches when their standard machines are completed. This means that service engineers need to use different configuration tools for each type of fieldbus, which is very inconvenient for engineers because the operation of each software is different, which also means more training and learning. Is there a tool that can meet various devices? This is where PROFIBUS comDTM can help you achieve configuration and communication across different networks, products, and suppliers.

PROFIBUS comDTM, developed by ProSoft Technology, is a DTM used for PTQ on Schneider Quantum racks and PDPMV1 modules in the MVI series on Rockwell ControlLogix racks. It enables FDT tools running on PCs to identify on-site network instruments and communication devices, perform configuration modifications, monitoring, diagnosis, and other operations.