IC695CPU315-BB CPU GE Fanuc Series 90-30 Module


Product model: IC695CPU315-BB
Serial protocols: SNP, serial I/O, Modbus slave and master devices
Embedded communication: RS-232, RS-486

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The IC695CPU315-BB is a 1 GHz Central Processing Unit from the GE Fanuc PACSystems RX3i Series. It has an Intel Celeron-M  microprocessor with 20 MB of user memory (also known as random access memory or RAM) and 20 MB of flash storage memory. As a programmable controller, the IC695CPU315-BB is capable of up to 32K I/O operations per second. It supports up to 512 program blocks at a maximum size of 128 KB per block. The IC695CPU315-BB communicates with I/O and Intelligent Option modules using a dual backplane bus.

RX3i CPUs like this one are designed for real-time control of machines, processes, and material handling systems. They can be programmed in C, or in three of the five programming languages recognized by the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission). From the IEC language list specifically, you can program IC695CPU315-BB in Ladder Logic (Ladder Diagram), Structured Text, or Function Block Diagram languages.

With the widespread application of DCS system in the field of chemical automation, its function is not only to complete control and operation, but also to integrate the operation information and production data of other auxiliary systems to a large extent, and provide these data to operators and managers. Therefore, how to achieve communication and data exchange between DCS systems and third-party systems is increasingly valued and widely applied by more and more users.

Real time duplex redundant communication between DCS and ESD.
Hardware configuration for communication
1. FBM233 communication card for I/A Series system
The FBM233 communication card complies with the IEEE802.3 standard and supports 10/100M bps redundant communication.
2. NCM communication card for ESD
Set the node number of the Tricon controller using the rotary switch on the NCM.
Implementation Strategy of DCS and ESD Communication Technology
Tricon NCM supports these connections:
Net1, a network connection to the SOE Recorder PC.
Net1, connected to external instruments for time synchronization with the Tricon host node.
Net2, a network connection to TriStation 1131 PC or other external instruments.
Serial connection between the Tricon NCMG module and the Global Positioning System (GPS) interface.
Primary and redundant modules can be installed on one logical slot.
3. HUB (with BNC connector)
The NCM communication card of ESD is connected to the HUB through BNC connector, and the FBM233 communication card is connected to the HUB through Category 5 twisted pair.