General module IS215UCVEH2AE turbine control system circuit board


Product: IS215UCVEH2A
Manufacturer: General Electric Company, GE Industrial Systems, Inc
Series: LS2100
Additional information: GEH-6371

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The IS215UCVEH2A model is a dual sided controller designed by General Electric Industrial Systems for the LS2100 series. The board is equipped with a front panel, which includes three LED indicators and a reset button. Please note that the reset button is recessed to prevent accidental pressing. When installed in a VMEbus rack, it will enter the second slot. Multiple capacitors, resistors, and chokes are installed on the board.

The IS215UCVEH2A board also includes a MicroSD card and two lithium batteries. This model can be used as a slave/master controller. The model has built-in integrated circuits, whose standard purpose is to store any form of software information, such as turbine block library control functions for gas and steam products.

Chemical, power, refining and petrochemical, and oil and gas are still the top DCS application industries in 2012, especially the oil and gas industry. Driven by strong domestic demand, investors mainly from the three major domestic oil companies have high investment enthusiasm and huge capital expenditures. Sub industries such as offshore and onshore oil and gas exploration, LNG receiving terminals, and natural gas pipelines have maintained a high level of prosperity; Although the chemical industry has been negatively affected by overcapacity to some extent, overall, the main investors have maintained a high-speed growth in capital expenditure in 2012, considering achieving large-scale production, extending the industrial chain, and increasing the value of basic raw materials; Affected by the development of renewable energy such as hydropower and wind power, the capital expenditure of thermal power generation continued to grow negatively in 2012.

However, the DCS market in the power industry is relatively large and remains one of the most important application industries.
On the one hand, some application industries maintain a high level of prosperity, with numerous new projects, such as oil and gas, coal chemical, modern materials, nuclear power, natural gas power stations, etc; The further promotion of energy-saving and emission reduction policies by the country will also create new opportunities for the DCS market, such as the closure of high energy consumption and high emission production capacity in industries such as metallurgy, power, and paper making; Denitration in industries such as electricity, metallurgy, and cement, as well as upgrading the quality of oil products. On the other hand, the overseas general contracting market has rapidly risen in recent years, with a group of Chinese EPC companies gaining a significant share in the overseas market, which has also driven the development of the DCS market.

Finally, in the field of after-sales service, based on the gradual maturity of end-user concepts and the diligent operation of major DCS suppliers, this market holds great potential. Overall, the domestic DCS system market is huge and the development situation is promising.

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