GE IS215AEPCH1C IS215AEPCH1CA MARK VI AEPC card module assembly

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GE IS215AEPCH1C IS215AEPCH1CA MARK VI AEPC card module assembly

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Currently we are in the midst of the next disruptive age of Information Technology. In 1945

electronic computers appeared ushering in what one could call the first disruptive age of

hardware. Starting with the mainframes of the 60s to current cloud computing we have seen

various hardware instances such as minicomputers, supercomputers, personal computers,

handheld computers, and wearable computers. Paralleling advances in hardware, there have

been many advances in software: programming paradigms (imperative, object-oriented,

functional, concurrent), development methodologies (CMM, agile), and algorithms for solving a

IS215AEPCH1C range of problems (e.g., systems, networking, AI, machine learning, analytics). Starting around

the late 1960s to the explosion of the Web in the early 90s the third disruptive age was in

communication – the ability for computer systems around the world to transmit and share

data. The combined advances in hardware, software, and communication form the basis of our

IS215AEPCH1C current disruptive age of Data. Massive amounts of data (Terabytes and beyond) are available

in a range of domains: science, commerce, finance, healthcare, social media, real-time sensors,

etc. At historically unprecedented levels we are able to collect, transmit, curate, and process huge

amounts of data at enormous speeds resulting in our ability to do ongoing tasks better and to do

tasks we could not do before


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IS215AEPCH1C Since early 2000 the nature of data has morphed. Big Data is differentiated from traditional data

in terms of the three ‘V’s: volume, velocity, and variety, each of which raise interesting questions.

  • Volume: When we process data at the Tera and Peta byte level, what fundamental shift in

our approach to solving problems occurs?

  • Velocity: Given the fast transmission and computational speeds of current systems, what

new capabilities are enabled by the processing of huge amounts of data in real time?

  • Variety: Estimates are that more than 90% of the world’s data is not structured (i.e., not in

classical relational databases amenable to SQL queries). What type of new actionable

insights are facilitated by the processing of semi-structured (e.g., csv, JSON) and

unstructured (e.g., text, images, audio) data?

Data Science and Machine Learning: Organizations and businesses need data driven actionable

insights. For example, a casino may want to identify whether there is a certain group of customers

from which more business occurs – a task known as customer segmentation. A cell phone

company may want to know if there is a risk of customers leaving for another carrier – a business

situation known as customer churn. Analytic tasks that facilitate such actionable insights include

prediction, optimization, recommendation, classification, clustering, etc.

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