GE IS200RCSBG1B RC buffer

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GE IS200RCSBG1B RC buffer

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GE General Electric Technical Specifications: IS200RCSBG1B

EIA Standard RS-232-C defines the interface between a

business machine (e.g. a computer), termed Data Terminal

Equipment (DTE), and a piece of communications

equipment (e.g. a modem), termed Data Communications

Equipment (DCE). Within RS-232, the terms “Receive(d)”

and “Transmit(ted)” are referenced to the DTE, so that the

“Received Data” signal is provided by the DCE to the DTE,

while the “Transmitted Data” signal is provided by the DTE

to the DCE. In a synchronous environment, clocking

information is in some way carried from one end of the link

to the other. The “Receive Clock” signal (RS-232-C

designation DO) is always provided by the DCE to the DTE,

along with the data; each transition from RS-232 positive to

negative voltage (SIO TTL ground to positive) serves to clock

the Received Data signal into the DTE. Transmit clocking

can be provided from either DCE to DTE, or vice versa.

Separate connector pins/signals are provided depending

on the direction: RS-232 designation DB is used for a

Transmit Clock provided by the DCE to the DTE, whereas

designation DA is used for a DTE-sourced Transmit Clock.

Whichever the source, the negative-to-positive transition

on the RS-232 signal is used by the DTE to change the data;

the opposite transition is used by the DCE to sample it.


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GE Fanuc Module card IS200RCSBG1B nothing
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Xiamen Shunfeng Express Commissioning and installation Power Plant Steel Plant Cement Plant Shipboard Papermaking
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Product features Primary source of goods, supply by model After sales guarantee Chen 1810693-7731


The purpose of an interrupt is to allow peripheral devices to

suspend CPU operation in an orderly manner and force the

CPU to start a peripheral service routine. Usually this

service routine is involved with the exchange of data, or

status and control information, between the CPU and the

peripheral. Once the service routine is completed, the CPU

returns to the operation from which it was interrupted. The

block diagram of the interrupt circuitry of the MDX-SI02 is

shown in Figure 11.

Mode 2 interrupts are supported by the MDX-SI02. This

mode is the most powerful interrupt response mode. With a

single 8-bit bytefrom the interrupting device, an indirect call

can be made to any memory location.

With this mode, the programmer maintains a table of 16-bit

starting addresses for every interrupt service routine. This

table may be located anywhere in memory. When an

interrupt is accepted, a 16-bit pointer must be formed to

obtain the desired interrupt service routine starting address

from the table. The upper eight bits of this pointer are

formed from the contents of the I register. The lower eight

bits of the pointer must be supplied by the interrupting


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