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GE General Electric Technical Specifications: IS200ISBBG1AAA

If a IS200ISBBG1AAA Modbus slave device receives a transmission in which an error is indicated by the CRC-16 calculation, the slave

device will not respond to the transmission. A CRC-16 error indicates than one or more bytes of the transmission were

received incorrectly and thus the entire transmission should be ignored in order to avoid the IS200ISBBG1AAA performing any incorrect


The CRC-16 calculation is an industry standard method used for error detection. An algorithm is included here to assist

programmers in situations where no standard CRC-16 calculation routines are available.


brand Product Name Product model Order No
GE Fanuc Module card IS200ISBBG1AAA nothing
Place of Origin Marketable land Imported or not defects liability period
Europe and America Nationwide and overseas yes a year
Place of shipment Delivery method How to use Applicable industries
Xiamen Shunfeng Express Commissioning and installation Power Plant Steel Plant Cement Plant Shipboard Papermaking
Service advantages Foreign import, goods preparation and supply Reasonable price and reliable quality Pictures are for reference only
Product features Primary source of goods, supply by model After sales guarantee Chen 1810693-7731


ignores the slave address, so it will respond regardless of the value in the message. Note: A master transmission with

a SLAVE ADDRESS of 0 indicates a broadcast command. Broadcast commands can be used for specific functions.

FUNCTION CODE: This is the second byte of every transmission. Modbus defines function codes of 1 to 127. The IS200ISBBG1AAA

implements some of these functions. In a master request transmission the FUNCTION CODE tells the slave what

action to perform. In a slave response transmission if the FUNCTION CODE sent from the slave is the same as the

FUNCTION CODE sent from the master indicating the slave performed the function as requested. If the high order bit

of the FUNCTION CODE sent from the slave is a 1 (i.e. if the FUNCTION CODE is greater than 127) then the slave did

not perform the function as requested and is sending an error or exception response.

DATA: This will be a variable number of bytes depending on the FUNCTION CODE. This may be Actual Values, Set

points, or addresses sent by the master to the slave or by the slave to the master. Data is sent MSByte first followed by

the LSByte.

CRC: This is a two byte error checking code. CRC is sent LSByte first followed by the MSByte. The RTU version of

Modbus includes a two byte CRC-16 (16-bit cyclic redundancy check) with every transmission. The CRC-16 algorithm

essentially treats the entire data stream (data bits only; start, stop and parity ignored) as one continuous binary num

ber. This number is first shifted left 16 bits and then divided by a characteristic polynomial (11000000000000101B).

The 16-bit remainder of the division is appended to the end of the transmission, LSByte first. The resulting message

including CRC, when divided by the same polynomial at the receiver will give a zero remainder if no transmission

errors have occurred.

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