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GE General Electric Technical Specifications: IS200ISBBG1A

The IS200ISBBG1A hardware or electrical interface is one of the following: one of two 2-wire RS485 ports from the rear terminal connector

or the RS232 from the front panel connector. In a 2-wire RS485 link, data flow is bidirectional. Data flow is half-duplex for

both the RS485 and the RS232 ports. That is, data is never transmitted and received at the same time. RS485 lines should

be connected in a daisy chain configuration (avoid star connections) with a terminating network installed at each end of the

link, i.e. at the master end and at the slave farthest from the master. The terminating network should consist of a 120 Ω

resistor in series with a 1 nF ceramic capacitor when used with Belden 9841 RS485 wire. The value of the terminating

resistors should be equal to the characteristic impedance of the line. This is approximately 120 Ω for standard #22 AWG

twisted pair wire. Shielded wire should always be used to minimize noise. Polarity is important in RS485 communications.

Each ‘+’ terminal of every 489 must be connected together for the system to operate. See Section 2.2.13: RS485 COMMU

NICATIONS PORTS on page 2–14 for details on correct serial port wiring.


brand Product Name Product model Order No
GE Fanuc Module card IS200ISBBG1A nothing
Place of Origin Marketable land Imported or not defects liability period
Europe and America Nationwide and overseas yes a year
Place of shipment Delivery method How to use Applicable industries
Xiamen Shunfeng Express Commissioning and installation Power Plant Steel Plant Cement Plant Shipboard Papermaking
Service advantages Foreign import, goods preparation and supply Reasonable price and reliable quality Pictures are for reference only
Product features Primary source of goods, supply by model After sales guarantee Chen 1810693-7731


The IS200ISBBG1A implements a subset of the AEG Modicon Modbus RTU serial communication standard. Many popular program

mable controllers support this protocol directly with a suitable interface card allowing direct connection of relays. Although

the Modbus protocol is hardware independent, the 489 interfaces include two 2-wire RS485 ports and one RS232 port.

Modbus is a single master, multiple slave protocol suitable for a multi-drop configuration as provided by RS485 hardware.

In this configuration up to 32 slaves can be daisy-chained together on a single communication channel.

The IS200ISBBG1A is always a slave. It cannot be programmed as a master. Computers or PLCs are commonly programmed as mas

ters. The Modbus protocol exists in two versions: Remote Terminal Unit (RTU, binary) and ASCII. Only the RTU version is

supported by the IS200ISBBG1A . Monitoring, programming and control functions are possible using read and write register com


One data frame of an asynchronous transmission to or from a IS200ISBBG1A is default to 1 start bit, 8 data bits, and 1 stop bit. This

produces a 10-bit data frame. This is important for transmission through modems at high bit rates (11 bit data frames are

not supported by Hayes modems at bit rates of greater than 300 bps). The parity bit is optional as odd or even. If it is pro

grammed as odd or even, the data frame consists of 1 start bit, 8 data bits, 1 parity bit, and 1 stop bit.

Modbus protocol can be implemented at any standard communication speed. The IS200ISBBG1A RS485 ports support operation at

1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, and 19200 baud. The front panel RS232 baud rate is fixed at 9600 baud.

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