GE IS200GDDDG1ABA turbine control board

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GE IS200GDDDG1ABA turbine control board

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GE General Electric Technical Specifications: IS200GDDDG1ABA

The default mode of both outputs is standard mode. Ramp mode and ramp variables are set

using an E2 COMMREQ in ladder logic as described below. The IS200GDDDG1ABA mode of each output channel

is set independent of the mode of the other channel. When an output is in ramp mode, two

lower-level modes can be used to specify the IS200GDDDG1ABA ramp slope: time mode, in which the user

provides the total ramp time in milliseconds, and step mode, in which the user provides the step

in %AQ counts that will be taken every 1 millisecond.


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An E2 COMMREQ is used to change the IS200GDDDG1ABA ramp mode of an output channel. This is the same

COMMREQ that is used to change the input alarm limits of the module and clear the %I error

code. When the module receives the COMMREQ, the first word, or command word, is checked

to determine whether the ramp settings or alarm limits are being changed or whether the %I

error code is being cleared.

When step mode is specified, the second COMMREQ data word contains the ramp step in

%AQ counts. Valid step values range from 1 to 32000. The direction of the ramp is determined

when the value of the IS200GDDDG1ABA corresponding %AQ reference changes. Once the ramp mode and step

have been set, changing the corresponding %AQ value causes the output to ramp to the new


When time mode is specified, the second COMMREQ data word contains the total time in

milliseconds it will take for the output to ramp from the present output value to the final output

value. The present and final values are specified by the old and new values of the

corresponding %AQ reference. Valid ramp time values range from 1 to 32000, which

correspond to ramp times of 1 millisecond to 32 seconds. Once the ramp mode and time have

been set, changing the corresponding %AQ value causes the output to ramp to the new value.

If an E2 COMMREQ is issued to the module to change the ramp settings while the indicated

output is in the process of ramping, the new ramp settings will take effect as follows:

If the ramp mode is turned off during a ramp, the output will step completely to the final

value (indicated by the corresponding %AQ reference).

If step mode is turned on during a ramp, the new step is used as soon as the COMMREQ is

processed (assuming that the step is valid).

If time mode is turned on during a ramp, the module will immediately begin a new ramp

using the present output as the starting output and the present time as the start time.

In all cases, changing the value of the corresponding %AQ reference will cause the output to

begin a new ramp from the present output value.

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The maximum number of 8-Channel Analog Current/Voltage Output modules that can be installed

in a system are:

4 in a system using CPU Models 311, 313, or 323

8 in a system using CPU Model 331

32 in a system using CPU Models 340 and 341

64 in a system using CPU Models 350 – 364

Other Configuration Considerations

When planning the module configuration for your application you must also consider the load

capacity of the installed power supply and the total load requirements of all modules that are

installed in the baseplate.

Refer to Chapter 1 in this manual for details on power supply, baseplate, and module load

requirements. The following table lists the specifications for this module. Note that test conditions,

unless otherwise noted, are: VUSER = 24 VDC at an ambient temperature of 25 C (77 F)

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