GE IC695CPU315-CD Compatibility PACSystems


IC695CPU315-CD Power requirements :
+3.3 VDC: 1.0 Amps nominal
+5 VDC: 1.2 Amps nominal
Operating Temperature:0 to 60°C (32°F to 140°F)
Floating point:Yes

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Do not connect the battery until the CPU is installed in the rack and the rack is powered on. The battery may then be attached to either of the two terminals in the battery compartment. Once that is done, the CPU may be powered down and normal battery back up operation will begin. To save battery life, do not connect the battery for the first time until the CPU is powered up.

IC695CPU315-CE:Adds the ability to read the Serial number and Date Code from Proficy Machine Edition software. Corrects issues with Logic Write to Flash (Service Request 57).
IC695CPU315-CD:Hardware revision to correct an issue with the RS-485 (COM2) serial port.
IC695CPU315-BD:Adds support for the PROFINET Controller module, IC695PNC001.
IC695CPU315-BC:Corrects the behavior of the Logic Driven Read/Write to Flash service requests, SVC_REQ56 and SVC_REQ 57.
IC695CPU315-BB:Implements a hardware design update that improves the noise immunity of the CPU module during power up from flash operations.
IC695CPU315-AB:Introduces support for new modules, enhancements to the Modbus RTU protocol, improved Run signal handling in the expansion rack and other improvements. Resolves several problems found in earlier releases.
IC695CPU315-AA:Initial release. For details, see GFK-2586.

Problems and solutions encountered during operation
(1) There is a computer crash problem during the operation of the DCS system.
Firstly, after debugging the DCS system, a system crash was encountered. The main reason was that a large number of modifications were made during the debugging process, resulting in a large amount of garbage in the computer system. Secondly, the unreasonable allocation of functional areas in the computer caused excessive operating load. Handling method: Try not to modify the configuration during the operation of the unit. If it is necessary to modify the configuration due to production needs, there should be a record of the modification. After the modification is completed, a large amount of system waste before the modification should be cleaned up. During the operation of the computer TXP system, there are often some caches or generated garbage files that require regular and regular cleaning by professional personnel to ensure the normal operation of the system; The second issue is that there is a crash during normal operation. To check if the monitoring screen data has been refreshed, check if the system alarm indicator light is normal. If it is normal, it indicates that there is a problem with the operation of the DCS system.

Handling method: It is possible to restart through remote operation. It is not recommended to turn off the power supply unless it is absolutely necessary, and forced shutdown should be carried out. Otherwise, it is necessary to perform a file self check after restarting. At this point, it is also necessary to check whether other DCS systems are functioning properly. If the data remains unchanged, it indicates a malfunction in the system communication network. The operation of network equipment should be checked immediately. If the hardware is working properly, it means that the communication protocol has malfunctioned and needs to be repaired through communication protocol self diagnosis and repair tools to solve the problem and restore normal operation.

(2) The DCS control system has hardware and software failures during operation.
The main reason for hardware problems during the operation of the DCS system is due to module damage. This type of fault is generally more obvious and the impact is also local. Hardware failures during the operation of the DCS system are mainly caused by improper use or prolonged use, as well as aging of components within the module. If the dust, temperature, and humidity around the module exceed the standard, it will shorten the service life of the module. Therefore, the DCS control system has strict requirements for temperature, humidity, and cleanliness. So, before installing the DCS system, the control room should be decorated and the air conditioning should be activated in a timely manner in summer. Especially, the cable holes must be sealed properly, otherwise, if the pipeline leaks and enters the cabinet, it may cause major faults;

The second is that the software of the DCS control system has malfunctioned. Caused by errors in the DCS control system software itself. Due to the complexity and heavy workload of DCS application software programs, it is difficult to avoid errors in the application software. Software failures are usually carefully debugged during the DCS debugging stage. If software problems are found, they should be reinstalled and repaired in a timely manner to solve the problem. After the system runs normally, software problems rarely occur.