GE IC695ALG808 Current Output Module Channel


IC695ALG808 Analog channels can be configured for these output ranges:
▪ Current: 0 to 20mA, 4 to 20mA
▪ Voltage: +/- 10V, 0 to 10V

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The module must be located in an RX3i Universal Backplane. It requires an RX3i CPU with firmware version 5.0 or later. Machine Edition Version 5.7 SP3 Logic Developer-PLC or later must be used for configuration. These modules can be used with a Box-style (IC694TBB032), Extended Box-style (IC694TBB132), Spring-style (IC694TBS032), or Extended Spring-style (IC694TBS132) Terminal Block. Extended terminal blocks provide the extra shroud depth needed for shielded wiring. See the PACSystems RX3i System Manual, GFK-2314 revision B or later for more information about Terminal Blocks. Terminal Blocks are ordered separately.

Isolated +24 VDC Power

The module must receive 24 VDC field power from an external source. The external source must be connected directly to the module’s terminal block. It cannot be connected via the TB1 connector on the RX3i Universal Backplane.

IC695ALG808 Module Features:

▪ Completely software-configurable, no module jumpers to set

▪ Individually enable or disable channels

▪ Clamping and Alarm Limits

▪ Latching of Alarms

▪ Configurable output bias

▪ Rapid channel acquisition times based on filter frequency

▪ On-board error-checking

▪ Configurable scaling and offsets per channel

▪ High alarm, low alarm, high-high alarm, low-low alarm detection and reporting selectable per channel

▪ Module fault reporting

▪ Configurable Hold Last State or Output Defaults


Due to the fact that the INFI90’s operating station adopts a CONNECTOR NT, which differs from the trend in some aspects, many companies with the ability to develop alternative operator stations have developed new types of alternative operator stations, so the models of alternative operator stations are also the most common. Many engineering companies abroad are renovating operator stations for N90 and INFI90. ABB itself is also making efforts to migrate. I want to migrate INFI90 (N90) to AC800. Currently, it has not been launched into the market. The upgrade system of INFI90 in China is 800XA. According to information published on INTERNET, the current controller of the 800XA system is BRC (Bridge Controller) 300, installed in the MMU of the PCU cabinet.

This controller is compatible with the original IMMFPXX. BRC300 is also connected to the ControlWay. Control-WAY is connected to the dedicated network INFNET through dedicated interfaces NIS and NPM. The human-machine interface PPB connects the engineer station COMPOSER to INFINET through a dedicated interface ICI (CIU). The operator station PPB is relatively open and has a simulation interface for simulation purposes. There are also software for human-machine interfaces, such as asset management software and batch control software. The I/O module of BRC300 can be connected to the fieldbus using the S800. The information system adopts an Ethernet ring. It is more expensive than a star connection in terms of price.

There is still some work to be done to migrate the INFI90 system to AC800, which involves communication issues. HONEYWELL’s new system is PKS, which is incompatible with TDC3000 and TPS systems, and the old system has also been migrated by other systems. Although Yokogawa’s DCS system has been widely used in the field, there is currently no new system to migrate them. Because the operator station of DCS in Japan not only lacks modularization in the display and control software, but also interweaves communication. The new operator station HIS was developed by oneself.