GE Fanuc IS200AEPCH1BAA Power Board Assembly


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Product Description
IS200AEPCH1BAA is a circuit board component that can be installed in the GE Speedtronic Mark VI system as a replacement component. MKVI includes timing, systems, and control devices created to ensure the reliable and safe operation of steam, hydraulic, and gas industrial turbines.

IS200AEPCH1BAA is a rectangular card that, unlike many Mark VI boards, does not have a connecting panel. Each corner of the board is designed with factory made drilled holes for easy installation. Each of these components is surrounded by conductive materials. Several other factory drilled holes are located on the main body of the board and the edge of IS200AEPCH1BAA.

IS200AEPCH1BAA typically installs an auxiliary or daughter board on the surface near the center of the motherboard. These two boards are installed together using brackets and screws. The auxiliary board consists of FPGA and other integrated circuits, female connectors, transistors, diodes, resistors, and capacitors. The auxiliary board is marked with codes such as FA/00 and DCOM.

The surface of IS200AEPCH1BAA is marked with several codes. Components are usually labeled with reference names. The components include a wiring board, jack connectors, integrated circuits, and three fuses.


Overview of Distributed Control System (DCS)
DCS has the characteristics of strong universality, flexible system configuration, complete control functions, convenient data processing, centralized display and operation, friendly human-machine interface, simple and standardized installation, convenient debugging, and safe and reliable operation. It has been widely used in production fields such as power, petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, and light industry at home and abroad, especially in large power generation units. Currently, the most widely used brands in China are:

(1) Foreign brands: ABB in the United States, Westinghouse, Siemens in Germany, Yokogawa in Japan, Hitachi, etc;

(2) Domestic: Guodian Zhishen, Helishi, Xinhua, etc.

The safety and reliability of DCS are crucial for ensuring the safe and stable operation of the unit. If problems occur, it may cause serious damage to the unit equipment or even personal safety accidents. So it is very necessary to analyze various problems that occur during the operation of DCS and take measures to improve the safety and reliability of DCS in thermal power plants.