Foxboro P0927AH FBM214B communication component


P0927AH FBM214b

HART Inputs

8 Channels

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Using STEP7 program 4.1 to create a project structure, the project is like a folder, where all data exists in a hierarchical structure, and you can use it at any time. After creating a project, all other tasks are executed under this project.  Configuring a Station is to specify the programmable controller you want to use, such as S7300, S7400, etc.

Configuration Hardware refers to specifying the templates to be used for your control scheme in the configuration table and the addresses to access these templates in the user program. The addresses are generally generated automatically by the program without modification. The characteristics of the template can also be assigned using parameters.

Configure the network and communication connection. The foundation of communication is to pre configure the network, which means creating a subnet that meets your control plan, setting network characteristics, network connection characteristics, and any connections required for networked stations. The network address is also automatically generated by the program. If you have no experience changing it, do not modify it.

Define symbols. Local or shared symbols can be defined in the symbol table, and these more descriptive symbol names can be used in your user program to replace absolute addresses. The naming of symbols is generally written in letters with no more than 8 bytes, and it is best not to use long Chinese characters for descriptions, otherwise it will have a significant impact on program execution.

Create a program using ladder programming language to create a program that is linked to or independent of the template and store it. Creating programs is one of the important tasks in our control engineering, which can generally be achieved through linear programming (based on one block, OB1), distributed programming (writing function blocks FB, OB1 organizing calls), and structured programming (writing universal blocks). We most often use structured programming in conjunction with distributed programming, and rarely use linear programming.

Download the program to the programmable controller. After completing all configuration, parameter assignment, and programming tasks, the entire user program can be downloaded to the programmable controller. When downloading a program, the programmable controller must be in the working mode (STOP or RUN-P) that allows downloading. The RUN-P mode indicates that the program will download one block at a time. If an old CPU program is rewritten, conflicts may occur. Therefore, the CPU is generally switched to STOP mode before downloading.


3BSE042236R1 PP865
3BSE042234R2 PP835A
3BSE002348R1 SB511