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Suitable for use in Class G3 (Harsh) environments as defined in ISA Standard S71.04, based on exposure testing according to EIA Standard 364-65, Class III.

The summary of PLC programming learning experience is as follows. I hope industrial control friends have better methods to add:
1. Have a certain foundation in electrical engineering – master the use of commonly used devices such as sensors, proximity switches, encoders, pneumatic components, and relay control principles.
2. Learn number system and number system conversion again – Master the concepts of binary, octal, hexadecimal, BCD code, and ASCI code.
3. Choose the PLC brand with the flow pattern in your region as the model for learning——— After learning, one can better connect with practical work.
4. Buy a laptop (preferably with a dual core or higher CPU configuration, 1GB of memory, 80G of hard drive, and serial port) – a must-have tool for learning and working outside.
5. Learn the basic operations of computers, such as power on/off, file saving, and basic applications of Word and Excel office software (computer users must know); Installation and uninstallation of commonly used software (such as programming software installation and uninstallation); Typing (used for naming and annotating programs).
6. Find PLC programming software, simulation software, and teaching software (and of course, learn to use them)—– Essential learning equipment.
7. Buy relevant books and video textbooks—– Study materials.
8. Find the PLC programming manual, user manual, and usage case, which can be collected online or obtained by participating in product promotion meetings—- Information that will definitely be used in work
After preparing the above, you can self-learning PLC. Generally speaking, the basic instructions of PLC ladder diagram are easy to learn, and its logical relationship is consistent with the relay control schematic. But functional instructions are much more difficult.
10. It is best to go to a school with good reputation and strength for training—– Compared to self-study, it can shorten learning time, learn more systematically, and make more mentors and alumni for future development.
11. Make every effort to get to know colleagues, PLC manufacturers, and agents around you, in order to receive their help and useful information.
12. Persist in learning, communicate more with peers, and practice more hands-on—– Programming is a highly integrated combination of theory and skills, and one should read more books and practice more to improve programming skills.
13. When outsourcing projects, you also need to prepare PLC program decryption software of this type – because sometimes you forget the password already added in your program, and sometimes it is someone else’s encrypted program. The customer wants you to optimize it again, add new functions, modify parameters, and delete the originally scheduled shutdown program. This is also why many people look for decoding software.