FOXBORO L0130AE-0H control combination module


Manufacturer: Foxboro
Model: L0130AE-0H
Product name: Power module
Warranty: One year warranty

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The scientific programming steps are actually very simple, but often most engineers consider them simple and overlook many details. Neglecting details will inevitably lead to problems in the future. To avoid future problems, only by following the rules well can there be no square without rules. PLC programming also has its own rules.

The following are the reasonable steps for PLC programming:
Step 1: Read the product manual.The first step seems as simple as it can be. Many equipment engineers will say that I have been responsible for this equipment for many years, and I do maintenance every day. There are no unfamiliar ones, and reading the manual is a waste of time. Haha, this is a common problem among many engineers in China. Many people buy equipment until it is scrapped, and no one really reads the product manual seriously, even if they read it hastily. More often than not, it is through product training provided by the supplier to understand the equipment. Who knows? If simple training can fully understand the characteristics of the equipment, why is it required internationally to equip the equipment with instructions? If you have read the manual, have you read the safety regulations at the beginning of the manual word by word? Have you read the instructions for each component? Have you seen the debugging methods for various components.

We will find that we actually ignore product manuals in our daily lives, and many people even throw them away or put them in places they can’t even remember for a moment. Carefully reading the instruction manual is the first step in programming. The first step is to read the safety regulations, know which executing mechanisms may cause personal injury, which mechanisms are most prone to collisions, and how to solve the most fatal problems when danger occurs. These are all in the safety regulations, why not look?

In addition, the characteristics, usage, and debugging methods of each component of the equipment are also included in the manual. Even if the program is correct, if the components are not properly debugged, the equipment will still not work. Furthermore, all circuit diagrams, pneumatic hydraulic circuit diagrams, and assembly drawings are also included in the manual. Without reading them, how can one know what modifications can be made to each component.

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