Foxboro FPS400-24 power supply P0922YU


FPS400-24 P0922YU power supply is as follows:
120/240 V ac or 125 V dc input (P0922YU)
24 V DC input (P0922YC)

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The sealed power supply has exceptional efficiency (up to 95% for P0922YU and up to 81% for P0922YC) resulting in high reliability and low failure rates. They have a return-on-investment (ROI) of less than two years based upon average electrical rates and load.

The power supply operates as a constant voltage source with maximum load ratings as listed in the specifications. If load current attempts to exceed greater than 110% of maximum current at the rated 25°C load, the output voltage begins to decrease toward zero, thereby limiting the current delivered to the load. Upon removal of overload, normal operation resumes.



Automatic shutdown occurs if operating conditions cause excessive output voltage. After the occurrence of an overvoltage shutdown, input power must be interrupted to re-establish the output. After the cause of the shutdown has been removed, the shutdown circuit resets in less than 30 seconds after the removal of input power.


The power supplies are UL and UL-C listed (to UL 1950) as having a Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV) and can be used in Division 2 and Zone 2 applications.