FOXBORO Foxboro K0143AC-F Communication Card


Manufacturer: Foxboro
Model: K0143AC-F
Product name: Power module
Warranty: One year warranty

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Another advantage of optocouplers, such as HCPL-063L and its upgraded version of ACPL-064L with low LED driving current (Figure 7), is that they do not require power supply voltage. Although other isolation devices have the advantage of channel density – Silicon Labs’ Si86xx product line provides 6 channels in a compact 16 pin SOIC – the optocoupler does not require additional isolation type power supply on the input side of the field device. This also means that they do require a small amount of calculation in order to select the appropriate output voltage divider resistor to control the LED driving current.

Given the environment in which PLC is used, it is worth noting that optocouplers can also prevent electromagnetic interference (EMI) – which is another sufficient reason for Rockwell to choose optocouplers.


Next to the optocoupler on the I/O circuit board, there are also Lattice’s 400MHz, 64 macro unit complex programmable logic device (CPLD) LC4064V that combines multiple functions, as well as some Ansemy power supply devices around the power supply.

PLC core processing functions
The main logic and processing circuit board is where PLC competes with PC/embedded computers in terms of functionality, programmability, and user interface. For Micro850, core decision-making, system management, runtime control, and user interface processing are all implemented by Coldfire MCF5372 32-bit ROM free MCU from Freescale (now NXP). This MCU also runs the Connect Component Workbench (CCW) software to program and reprogram the PLC when needed.


According to the PLC manual, the Spartan FPGA is the core of the Micro850’s motion control capability, supporting and fully utilizing up to three shafts with pulse train output (PTO).

The peripheral support provided for FPGA and MCU is Cypress Semiconductor’s FM21L16-2Mbit (128Kx6) FRAM memory (direct replacement now FM28V202A), Micron Technology’s MT48LC8M 128Mbit (8Mbitx16) SDRAM, and ADI’s 15kV serial port transceiver ADM3315EA with electrostatic discharge protection function and Green Idle. The voltage monitoring function is provided by the ADM706 3V monitoring circuit of ADI company.


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