Foxboro FCP280 RH924YA Field Control Processor


Product model: FCP280 RH924YA
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• FCP280: RH924YA
• FCP280 Horizontal-Mounted Baseplate: RH924YL
• FCP280 Vertical-Mounted Baseplate: RH924YF
• FCP280 Dual Cable Baseplate: (Horizontal or Vertical mount) RH100JX
• Fiber Adapter: RH924WA
• Copper Adapter: RH924UQ
• Splitter Adapters:
◦ Twinaxial Fieldbus Splitter: RH928CV
◦ Redundant Module Fieldbus Cable Adapter:
RH924ZJ – For use when the FCP280 is in the middle of a 200 Series baseplate chain
RH928CY – Enables the use of redundant module Fieldbus cables between
baseplates to split and terminate the Modular Fieldbus and optional time strobe signals
◦ Time Strobe Adapter: RH924ZQ

After entering the industrial era in the past, the production process has gradually matured. It is difficult for us to change a process now because we have basically changed everything that can be changed, which means it is difficult to make significant changes in the processing speed of the control system in the process. For the efficiency or refinement improvement of the process that users are most concerned about, there are actually two ways to optimize it. One is the overall production process management and the refined management of the entire material aspect. Another is the refined management of devices.

However, from this perspective, in fact, under the control of the previous generation of high-end controllers in the past 20 years, our equipment has no problem with its processing speed and can fully meet the process requirements. Faster control systems are no longer valuable in improving and enhancing the operational benefits of the factory. Just like running on the highway, running 500 miles is meaningless because for stability and reliability, we can make a car that can run over 200 miles to meet the expectations, which is enough. No matter how fast you are, you won’t be able to use it, but it will bring potential harm. In this situation, it is no longer meaningful for us to blindly pursue faster than a high-end processor, just like in the past. But one thing is the same as before, its stability and reliability, just like why do I drive a sedan instead of riding a motorcycle? After all, it has better safety and reliability.

Looking at high-end controllers now, it’s not just about how many points they can carry or how fast their processing speed can be, because these things were no longer a problem when they developed to the previous generation. Now, just take a small and medium-sized controller and say that there is not much difference between the ability to carry points and the processing speed of a large controller. But the core thing is its security, stability and reliability, as well as the communication ability of its system. In the past, large PLCs were mainly used for large systems, which must have communication and collaborative management capabilities with each other, as well as the ability to communicate and support with the upper computer. These abilities are all used to determine whether the system is a high-end control system or a small to medium-sized control system.

Miniaturization and simplification of use are the trends
In the past, we used to say it was big enough, but in the past, there was no way because it couldn’t be made small anymore. In fact, it had already been made as small as possible. Electronic products must have the same performance, and the smaller they are made, the higher their technical content. In addition, we know that there is a major trend now, as industrial products are increasingly accepted by everyone and are beginning to expand into the civilian field. Especially in recent years, after various countries’ industrial development has reached a certain level, there are a large number of people’s livelihood projects. For example, many large buildings have started to use PLC for control. In the past, embedded controllers were used, but their universality and scalability are limited, requiring professional maintenance, The popularity of PLC has begun to manifest due to various reasons.
In the future, the requirements for distributed systems will become more and more extensive. Even in traditional heavy industries, the requirements for distributed installation of control systems will become increasingly high. In the past, we had specialized control stations, especially in traditional industries, where all PLCs were placed in one main control station. But there is a problem. When these modules are connected to on-site devices, there are many connections, complex construction, complex maintenance, and high costs, so there is distributed I/O.
In the future, all devices will develop towards intelligence. In the future, the on-site motors and some detection instruments may all have Ethernet interfaces, which are directly connected to the control system through Ethernet. In the main control room, a cabinet may be filled with controllers, and then piles of switches are connected to piles of network cables. In this situation, do you think PLC should be bigger or smaller? The control concept has changed, and the design of the factory will also change. In the future, the screen of the monitoring system will be made larger, but the equipment should be used as small as possible to improve comfort and efficiency. If we consider it this way, if we control a 3000 point now, we would need ten cabinets, and the future is becoming increasingly impossible.

How to place high-end chips with original functions on smaller circuit boards, or integrate more powerful chips into a smaller circuit board, requires professional design and manufacturing capabilities. Not everyone can do it very small. It is easy to make the electronic control system larger, but difficult to make it smaller, because smaller sizes can solve EMC interference, heat dissipation, and circuit layout problems, To achieve a controller that is more powerful than before, this is a manifestation of high-end.