Foxboro FCP270 P0917YZ Field Control Processor Module


Product: FCP270 P0917YZ

Fiber optic: 100Mbps Ethernet
Software version: 8.4 v8.8

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The Field Control Processor 270 (FCP270) is a distributed, optionally fault-tolerant, field-mounted controller module. The FCP270 performs regulatory, logic, timing, and sequential control together with connected Fieldbus Modules. It also performs data acquisition and alarm detection and notification. The FCP270 connects to The MESH control network via standard fiber optic 100 Mbps Ethernet.

The unique and patented fault-tolerant operation of the FCP270 greatly improves reliability relative to other process controllers. The fault-tolerant version of the FCP270 consists of two modules operating in parallel, with two Ethernet connections to The MESH control network. The two FCP270 modules, married as a fault-tolerant pair, provide continuous operation of the controller in the event of virtually any hardware failure occurring within one module of the pair. Both modules receive and process information simultaneously, and faults are detected by the modules themselves.


One of the significant methods of fault detection is comparison of communication messages at the module external interfaces. Messages only leave the controller when both controllers agree on the message being sent (bit for bit match). Upon detection of a fault, self-diagnostics are run by both modules to determine which module is defective. The non-defective module then assumes control without affecting normal system operations.