FOXBORO FBM242 RH916TA discrete output interface module


RH916TA FBM242 Channel Isolated External Source DO

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FBM242 16 channel, switch (protected – fused
outputs)15 to 60 V dc (externally sourced) at 2 A maximum
Channel isolation provided by FBM242
P0916JY P0916RJ

Although PLC has high reliability and strong anti-interference ability, it may cause damage to internal information of PLC in harsh environments or improper installation and use, leading to control chaos and even damage to internal components. In order to improve the reliability of PLC system operation, attention should be paid to the following aspects when using.

Suitable working environment
1. Suitable ambient temperature
Each manufacturer has certain regulations on the environmental temperature of the PLC. The ambient temperature allowed by the PLC is usually around 0-55 ° C. Therefore, do not place components with high heat generation under the PLC during installation; There should be sufficient ventilation and heat dissipation space around the PLC; Do not install the PLC in places directly exposed to sunlight or close to heating devices such as heaters, high-power power supplies, etc; It is best to install a PLC control cabinet with ventilation louvers. If the temperature of the control cabinet is too high, a fan should be installed inside the cabinet for forced ventilation.

2. Suitable environmental humidity
The relative humidity of the air in the PLC working environment is generally required to be less than 85% to ensure the insulation performance of the PLC. Excessive humidity can also affect the accuracy of analog input/output devices. Therefore, the PLC cannot be installed in places with condensation or rain.

3. Pay attention to environmental pollution
It is not advisable to install PLC in places with a large amount of pollutants (such as dust, oil fume, iron powder, etc.), corrosive gases, and combustible gases, especially in areas with corrosive gases, which can easily cause corrosion of components and printed circuit boards. If it can only be installed in such a place, the PLC can be enclosed under temperature conditions; Alternatively, install the PLC in a highly enclosed control room and install an air purification device.