FOXBORO FBM224 P0926GG input module


The Model IMV25 can be connected directly to the I/A Series System using an I/A Series fieldbus module (FBM224 – Modbus Communication Interface Module).

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Safety runs through the entire process, and the most important thing is to attach importance to it in terms of ideology; Then, it needs to be supplemented by technical means to ensure. Here, although it is said to be ‘auxiliary’, it cannot be underestimated, and it is important to note the weight of the word ‘guarantee’; In this way, it is to highlight the importance of ‘ideological importance’. On the basis of a thorough and comprehensive understanding of the control object and control process, considering operational safety, we will make every effort to solve accidental and unsafe factors during operation or action, and develop a control program that is in line with the process, safe and reliable, convenient for operation and maintenance. Of course, the issue of security and institutional improvement is also an aspect.

Pre preparation work is a prerequisite. I believe many friends know the importance of pre preparation work, including an understanding of control requirements and overall design ideas, and even the mastery of relevant knowledge and basic knowledge. Please refer to the previous two summaries. Similarly, many friends will know that the first step is to prepare for work in advance, followed by mastering the PLC hardware wiring and software operation and use. Broadly speaking, learning PLC is also a cumulative process that can be attributed to “pre preparation work”. This is called preparing for the rainy day, and opportunities favor those who are prepared.

The program structure must be reasonably arranged, and the structure should be clear and reasonable, which can facilitate the reading and debugging of the program; When the program volume is large or the control is complex, attention should be paid to the application of design methods and programming techniques. Program architecture is very important, which means that the application of subroutines not only reduces program capacity, but also increases readability, making it easier for program debugging and modification.


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