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FBM207b 24 V dc Contact Sense
FBM207c 48 V dc Contact Sense

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FBM207b 16 channel, contact sense
24 V dc contact wetting
from FBM207b
FBM207b channel isolation

By using this design pattern for standardization, program design can be divided into two stages: standard library, basic architecture development, and practical application level design. The standard library and basic architecture are the foundation for formulating program standardization, while application layer design is specific to control engineering programming. This can divide program designers into two categories: standard development, which is the responsibility of senior programmers, and application design (from program debugging planning to application design), which is completed by general programmers who have received standardization training, This allocation can solve the awkward situation faced by China’s industrial automation.

In traditional Chinese control industry, a program design is completed by one person, who must also be responsible for on-site debugging. Programmers with rich experience are usually after the age of thirty, when they have already started a family. Obviously, long-term business trips are not conducive to their families. Many excellent programmers have to change careers to consider their families, either transferring to management positions or going to manufacturing factories for equipment maintenance, which is a serious loss of resources. Undoubtedly, using the above design process, we can enable experienced programmers to design standard libraries and architectures, while young people who have just entered this industry can engage in application design and debugging. This not only allows old programmers to continue their own work without affecting their families, but also allows young programmers to participate in on-site debugging, cultivate their own experience, and increase their income.

This may worry some people, thinking that young programmers can participate in on-site debugging? It is certain that programs without standardized support not only cannot be written by young programmers, but also have many problems with on-site debugging. But with good standardization, programmers with over a year and a half of work experience should be able to independently face automated lines. The core of object-oriented programming in PLC is black box programming. For Step 7, we use FB to achieve control of each object. The control logic, alarm processing, and signal exchange are all in FB. For application designers, they do not need to understand the code implementation inside, but only need to understand the functions of the FB and how to use it well. This greatly reduces the programming ability requirements for application developers, For programming, it’s just following the architecture, copying code, and changing input and output conditions. So what about debugging? Many people believe that the biggest trouble with using FB programming is that after multiple calls to FB, it is impossible to diagnose these codes at all. Technically speaking, this is true. Apart from viewing information from the background DB, we cannot monitor the code after multiple calls.

However, as I have already said, this is black box programming, and we do not need to diagnose these codes. We only need to know what kind of input The standard library developer is responsible for the logic and functionality of the code. This requires standard developers to conduct different tests on the functional blocks they design under different conditions to ensure accuracy. They also need to write complete and detailed functional specification documents to facilitate application designers to understand these blocks. Standard architecture is not a one-time solution, In response to the ever-changing nature of engineering, it requires continuous improvement and revision, which is also a place where engineering companies can accumulate knowledge in a tangible way. The program not only needs to be used by debugging personnel, but also users (equipment maintenance personnel) need to understand that if a complete standard library document is provided to users, there may have been technical leaks. If it is not provided, it may have been difficult for them to diagnose the equipment. This requires standard developers to create another document, namely the equipment maintenance document, whose knowledge leakage is limited to the user’s ability to use the program for diagnosis.


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