Foxboro FBM202 P0916AC communication cable P0916DB module


Eight *Thermocouple/mV Analog Inputs connect to eight DeltaV Thermocouple/mV CHARMs – termination assembly model number FBM202 / P0916AC.

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DeltaV Flex.CONNECT wiring solutions provide direct connection from Foxboro I/A Series 200 I/O termination assemblies to DeltaV CHARM terminal blocks and M- or S-series traditional I/O cards. Foxboro I/A Series 200 I/O termination assemblies have many different I/O types. Passive FBM termination assemblies have been selected for the DeltaV Flex.CONNECT solutions. These are cable only solutions with no signal conditioning requirements.

When estimating I/O points, appropriate margin should be considered. Usually, based on the input and output points counted, an additional 10% to 20% of the expandable margin should be added as the input and output point estimation data. When placing an actual order, it is also necessary to round off the input and output points based on the product characteristics of the manufacturer’s PLC.

Estimation of memory capacity
Memory capacity is the size of the hardware storage unit that the programmable controller itself can provide, while program capacity is the size of the storage unit used by user application projects in memory, so program capacity is smaller than memory capacity. During the design phase, as the user application program has not yet been developed, the program capacity is unknown during the design phase and needs to be determined after program debugging. In order to have a certain estimation of program capacity during design and selection, memory capacity estimation is usually used instead.

There is no fixed formula for estimating the memory capacity of memory. Many literature sources provide different formulas, which are generally based on 10-15 times the number of digital I/O points, plus 100 times the number of analog I/O points. This number is used as the total number of words in memory (16 bits are a word), and a margin of 25% of this number is considered.