FBMSVH Foxboro servo card driver


Manufacturer: Foxboro
Product name: Controller
Warranty: One year warranty

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For a large enterprise system, it is advisable to achieve a unified model as much as possible. In this way, PLC modules of the same model can serve as backup for each other, facilitating the procurement and management of spare parts; At the same time, its unified functions and programming methods are also conducive to the training of technical personnel, the improvement of technical level, and the development of functions; In addition, due to the universality of its external devices and the ability to share resources, it is possible to connect multiple PLCs controlling independent systems into a multi-level distributed control system with an upper computer, which facilitates mutual communication and centralized management.

PLC is an industrial control system that controls industrial production equipment or processes, and the working environment is the industrial production site. Its connection with industrial production processes is achieved through I/O interface modules.

Through the I/O interface module, various parameters of the controlled production process can be detected, and these on-site data can be used as control information to control the controlled object. At the same time, the processing results of the controller are sent to the controlled equipment or industrial production process through the I/O interface module, thereby driving various executing mechanisms to achieve control. The information collected by PLC from the site and the control signals output to external devices need to go through a certain distance. To ensure the correctness of this information, the I/O interface modules of PLC have good anti-interference ability. According to practical needs, in general, PLCs have many I/O interface modules, including switch input module, switch output module, analog input module, analog output module, and other special modules. When using them, the selection should be based on their characteristics.


FBMSVH Foxboro
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